• Location4 votes
  • Equipment2 votes
  • Cleanliness2 votes
  • Lack of customer service6 votes
  • Manager4 votes
  • Billing practices3 votes
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Horrible rude employees including "management" although I'm not sure what they manage .......worthless Add comment

  • Mar 06
  • Fitness Centers
  • Dublin, Ohio
  • Staff
  • 166

Lisa is the manager of the LifeSpa and extremely rude. Several people have had bad experiences with her. She was very rude and needs to remember, she's an employee not a guest. I went in to discuss a matter with the massage therapist and she was listening and very nossie. She thinks she owns the place. If I don't get an apology, I'm dropping my membership. She talked to me like I was her child... Read more

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  • Mar 04
  • Fitness Centers
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Personal Training
  • 376

We just joined, love the club but feel misled. We joined as family of 4. They said my kids when over age 3 can do kids classes. What they didn't say was they need to be 100% potty trained. We were supposed to get 1 free personal training session for my husband and I. What it really was, it was a 55 min sales pitch in an office. My husband said they showed him nothing. We got 300 LT bucks. LT... Read more

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Was in Huston for a month the sales man Ryan had promised me that the cancellation of the member ship would happen as soon as I joined mainly because there is no lifetime fitness anywhere close to where I live!! They have been charging me 120$ for 7 months now. I would not recommend this gym to anyone ever!! Add comment

Over 179 per month and no wifi ? Add comment

  • Mar 02
  • Fitness Centers
  • Columbia, Maryland
  • Membership
  • 263

I signed up for a membership for the summer so I could use the pools with my family. Specifically put an end date on the form to avoid any issues. Didn't work, charged me after the end date and I called to pay the 1 month extra. Customer service rep said as of 11/1/14 my account would be terminated, as of 3-2-15 I am still being charged a $15 monthly fee, trying to cancel this membership is... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Fitness Centers
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Spinning Class
  • 120

Spin Cycle teacher Becky B. Is very rude and disrespectful. She brings her personal problems to class and make statement like leave your problems & dirty laundry at that door before you enter my spin class. She has been cutting her 90min. cycling classes short every Wednesday. She seems to not care how she teaches the class anymore. She's getting off her bike during class and doing a lot of... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Fitness Centers
  • Centennial, Colorado
  • Gym Membership
  • 173

Ridiculous and antiquated cancellation policy that is intended to make it as difficult as possible to cancel or change your membership. When I moved recently for work, I tried to call and cancel my membership. I was told I could not cancel my membership online or over the phone and was required to physically go into a facility or send a certified letter to cancel the membership. When they... Read more

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  • Feb 21
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • Labor Compensation
  • 273

I worked for this company. My boss lied to me about the pay and denied it when I confronted her about it. I was making more money at my other job and apparently they were desperate for someone. I spoke with the GM and she acted as if I was ***, said "its ridiculous" for me to say that. Do not give your business to these *** people. The management is terrible. They never even had me do the... Read more

Was this review helpful? 2 1

  • Feb 18
  • Fitness Centers
  • New Hope, Minnesota
  • Membership Cancellation
  • 266

This has to be the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. The most insensitive, and vile people work for this company. I went to cancel my membership for February, and I was told it was canceled. Then, someone contacts me from the gym saying it's not canceled and I'll be charged for March because it wasn't canceled even though the company told me it was already canceled. I've never been... Read more

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