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LifeTime Fitness - Shady Business

  • by   Dec 17, 2013
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Company LifeTime Fitness
Product / Service Business Strategy
Location San Antonio, Texas
Category Fitness Centers
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I wrked for Life Tie for years.the thing that bothers me the most to this day is a business strategy the GM called " Don't wake the sleeping giant".

Basically the comapny was raising the monthy rates for it's members but only the members that were USING the facility. You see, the payments are all made via EFT (automatic withdrawl, Electronic Funds Transfer) and they would have had to send a letter to the members NOT using the facility saying they were raising the rates.

Doing that would trigger a big cancelation because people would realize they're still being charged.So they just raised the rates of the members frequently using the club as they would obviously be less likely to cancel.
SHADY! 2ffe6d2

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Jan 14  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
^^^LOL Keyboard Warrior^^^
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Dec 18, 2013  from Houston, Texas
Since you were not a "GM" you are ignorant to their due diligence. Current member, and I have received letters concerning this. It is worth it considering the alternative health club choices in the greater Houston area. Apparently, you have nothing better to do than throw mud. At least you are good at something.
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