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At lifetime fitness in San Antonio, TX. I observed a 2 yr old getting swimming lessons.

She cried horribly for over 30 min without being taken out of the pool for a break. I tried to speak to the mother sitting pool side but she would not get off her cell phone. I went to the aquatics office and complained that this child was unhappy uncomfortable and scared and she needed a break. I thought learning to swim was suppose to be fun.

He told me go tell someone else and he walked away. I told the lifeguard on duty and she said oh she always cries. I said well maybe another instructor would be in order, she informed me she was the best they had. She did not care.

I then went to the activities director and told her and she said she would tell someone, whatever that means. It was so sad seeing that baby clutch at her instructors neck. She was in so much distress that it made my heart ache. Shame on all of the people involved including the mother for making that child suffer endlessly.

She was still in the pool when I left. I would never let my child endure this cruel abuse.

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As a former lifeguard for Lifetime, I can understand what you're talking about with the mom. The majority of the women at lifetime in San Antonio (not all, but a lot) are rich, have a husband who is never there, and care more about themselves than their children.

I'm not surprised that she a) didn't care that her child was crying and b) that she wouldn't get off the phone. You have to be certified to be a swim instructor, which I was, and some kids are so used to getting whatever they want handed to them that they will cry and whine and complain till you do what they want you to do. The parents get mad when you take them out, because to them you aren't giving them what they paid for. It was "nice" of you to feel sorry for the kid, but in reality, they were probably a spoiled brat who wasn't getting what they wanted.

Lifeguards at Lifetime only get paid $7.50 an hour, which is very low compared to the $10 and $14 an hour wages at private neighborhood pools. Bottom line is, most of the kids are VERY hard to work with, especially with apathetic parents.


I have spent more and more money on trainers that increase my session rate because of their constant increase of their "Level of certification". Come to find out my trainer isn't even certified!

Their levels are based on how much sales each trainer brings in monthly!

What a scam! This "healthy way of life company" is only concerned with the HEALTHY SIZE OF YOUR POCKETBOOK!


their kid. not yours. the end.


As you get older you start to trust your instincts more. And you realize that doing nothing in situations where you could make a difference is not an option.

You see something say something. If my empathizing with a distressed child makes anyone uncomfortable or upset, I really don't give a ****. Children come first always and I will forever advocate for them for they have no voice.

And to you parents that wish I would mind my own business remember its people like me who will come to your child's aid perhaps when your not with your child. It truly does take a village.


@Mike - I agree with you. I think the majority of the complaints on this site are made by people too *** or stubborn to realize what's actually going on around them, misinterpreting the situation, and then getting mad about it.

In this case, I definitely think the poster should have just butted out. The poster definitely sounds like they have a total martyr complex about this - "Oh, "I was treated so poorly, and all because I had such a big heart and cared about a child!" Get over it and learn to mind your own business.


This entire web site is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Let's post some inaccurate information and then have a bunch of people jump on the bandwagon to pounce on a company.

I have been in some terrible customer service situations but do not believe that an employee said "go tell someone else" and walked away.

You have been watching too many movies. Get a life!


I totally disagree on "minding your own business". A good instructor would of been able to redirected the child to have a better experience, especially swimming.

One can seriously be scarred to be afraid of water if not taught well. I am currently taking swim classes with my 2yr old daughter and she was afraid when she first started. The instructors at my daughter's school are well trained and know how to turn a child's scary moment into a happy experience. Lifetime Fitness obviously does not care about "teaching" as it seems to be more of a babysitting service.

Shame on the mother for not tending to her child's needs and shame on the facility on not hiring a teacher in lieu of someone who just knows how to swim.

@ Tamirhosse. I commend you for trying your best to make a complaint.


I am disgusted to read the post from Jennifer. "Mind your own business" is the most ignorant comment I have ever heard!

So congratulations you are lacking the intelligence needed to be an upstanding citizen! My 2 year old has never been afraid of the water and throwing someone in the water, as you claim your parents did to you, is to blame for your lack of morals and intelligence! Let's all sit around and mind our own business when we see abuse, neglect, or better yet how about we mind our own business when we see a mother kill her child!

Ya that's the answer! So I suggest to you Jennifer, research and get educated my dear so you may become a better person in our messed up society!


I don't know what your problem is but it seems like you should have minded your own buissess. First of all to attack someone for sharing there thoughts is far more close minded than what Jennifer said especially since you have no inside knowledge and therefore your answer is no better than hers. Unless you learn how to truely put an arguemwnt together maybe the internets not for you


That is not a complaint. When I learned to swim my parents threw me in the pool.

You should have minded your business. When someone attempts something they have never done before they are scared and nervous, especially a two year old.