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In the beginning of this club opening, it was spectacular. No issues, best amenities & fantastic customer service and management. If there were any problems or complaints, they were handled swiftly and effectively.

Then Kevin Siegel (district manager) & Chris Mitchell (club manager) arrived. Everything changed. The clubs cleanliness went to a level of health hazard with *** squirted along the walls and blood on the floor of the female restrooms, broken machines with sharp edges that cut fingers, dust so thick that it caused asthmatic episodes in myself whose asthma is well controlled for decades now.

Yes that's bad but this is worse. I'm a younger fairly attractive woman who receives compliments or stares from men, I'm ok with that. What I'm not ok with is the blatant sexual harassment and aggressive behavior that occurs from other Lifetime members since this management has taken over. In this era of 'me too' I am not demure and silent, I stand up for myself. I will not allow anyone to say disgusting remarks in a place where I'm supposed to feel safe.

I was told directly by Kevin NOT to stand up for myself and that he was notating my account as being just as much to blame for being the receiver of non sexual or sexual harassment. He said if there was another harassment issue, I was to contact management immediately and that they'd handle it.

Multiple issues have arisen since then, I have filed several written complaints. NOTHING is done. The manager Chris Mitchell is unwilling to confront male members and has allowed this latest person to stay in the gym, walking around attempting to intimidate women.

Kevin has also not followed up or handled this so I spoke to corporate regarding this matter. After they told me that Kevin was the only one to handle this matter, I let them know that I had no faith in either Kevin or Chris as it's been over a month since my initial written complaint was filed. Corporate also did nothing. They called and spoke to Kevin who incredulously made up a story that members came to he & Chris claiming I had a petition against Lifetime that I was going around with.

He knew that was a violation of the contract I signed with LT, and that it'd be the easiest way to get me out of their hair. This libelous claim was fabricated to take attention off of management not doing their jobs and securing a safe environment for females to work out in.

There are no video nor real evidence that would substantiate the claim I was getting a petition together-it did not happen.

During all other mishandled situations, Kevin has shown to be incredibly sexist, chauvinistic and abrasive. He also quoted something completely unrelated from my social media. Unbeknownst to me, he was following me online and gunning to get me out of the club to avoid any further complaints of embarrassment of the complaints not being dealt with.

There is not an employee there aside from those two who've had anything but pleasant things to say about me and nothing but terrible things to say about both of them. The turn over rate is so high due to mismanagement that there's no longer anyone from the original club. Everyone I speak with who works there is looking for a healthier working environment elsewhere. No one likes Kevin or Chris. They are afraid to lose their jobs so don't speak up & then quietly leave one by one.

Lifetime is only concerned with their bottom line. Which as a business owner, I understand but putting that above customer service is detrimental in the long run.

If you're a woman or have a female you know working out there, just know that it's an unsafe & hazardous environment.

Bottom line, avoid LIFETIME Athletic and Kevin Siegel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Harassment/discrimination.

Preferred solution: Remove Kevin Siegel from any position with the company.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: Club was great prior to kevin seigel or chris mitchell, Facility.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Corrupt management and billing practices, Sexual harassment, Terrible management.

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  • Sexually Harassed
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I am a member of a few facilities I L.A., some spin organizations & play a lot of tennis . I was also a Lifetime member on & off since Minneapolis 10 years ago & even joined again in Vegas, pretty opening for tennis .

Well, it was great until this guy named Kevin Segel snapped his fingers at me & with a controlling tone said, "Hey you, come into my office... I need to talk to you". Well, as an entrepreneur in multiple industries, 6', 234 pounds & a proud American Black Man, my brain went to WTF? Since I was with my 6'5" Morro an tennis buddy, I just said, cool your jets guy, we have a match now & I'll talk to you immediately afterward (about what, I have no idea).

His ego went through the roof & he replied, This is my club so, I said now. I laughed & said, Dude, this is the paying customer's club so, chill out. Come talk to me when you can show respect. His reply, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!

I'M CANCELING YOUR MEMBERSHIP IMMEDIATELY! I laughed & said, I play all over town & at country clubs, you're not hurting me. Your losing court fees over your ego, not me buddy. So, that was 4 years ago or so.

Many of my buddies stopped going because I'm their main tennis opponent.

How an organization builds such a great business & backs such a twisted character, I have no idea. Kind of makes me wonder if he were a minority or a woman, woukd they still be treated above us customers?


They kicking our more than you think , I was kicked out in Minnesota they lied big i also laughed at them it was crazy i actually tried 3 times to talk to someone they refunded all my back dues like in 4 days it was in my account, the line to get in is horrible it has mostly guys at most locations and real guys with rings where??