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My husband, children and I, joined LTF, when they first opened, because they had a good deal going on, and it seemed like a nice place to work out. However, at the end of August my husband got laid off, and we had to suspend our membership and pay the 10$ a month temporarily, until we got back on our feet.

This quickly turned into a nightmare. Every month since then, they have continued to pull the full amount from our account, and we have to fight tooth and nail, to have have our money refunded back to us. So after several months of going through this we decided that it was not worth it, and drop them completely. However, just when we thought we where finally done with them, I checked my account a few days ago, and surprise, LTF, had pulled again.

When I called the LTF, to find out why this happened they explained to me that it was not them, but that the swim department had pulled for swim lessons, that I signed my daughter up for back in July. When we signed her up for lessons, they told us their was a waiting list. In September they had an opening, but the lessons ran to late at night, on a school night so we told them, we no longer wanted her to take them. Well apparently LTF, is a combination of being very disorganized as well as they have a problem taking no for an answer.

On top of all of this, these lessons where supposed to be free, courtesy of my 400.00 worth of gym bucks credit I received when we joined LTF as well as had a few friends enroll. This is ridiculous. We are not even members anymore. I have tried to contact LTF about this issue however, as usual I am being ignored, it was been over a week now, and I am beyond fed up.

I guess I will have to go in their and make a huge scene about what disorganized crooks they are. I am also getting ready to take them to court. I am going to sue for stress, aggravation, inconvenience, and anything else that I can.

This is absolutely ridiculous that anyone should have to go through this. If you are thinking about joining, please proceed with caution however, in my opinion no one should join at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I have spent more and more money on trainers that increase my session rate because of their constant increase of their "Level of certification". Come to find out my trainer isn't even certified!

Their levels are based on how much sales each trainer brings in monthly!

What a scam! This "healthy way of life company" is only concerned with the HEALTHY SIZE OF YOUR POCKETBOOK!


I used to work for the company and saw that all the time. You're right its completely unorganized, thats exactly why it happens.

Too many inexperience staff who have no idea what they are doing messing with peoples accounts which in turn is the members MONEY and they dont care! UGH this used to aggravate me to no end. My advice as a former employee would be to keep calling until you get your money. They will eventually give in and refund it.

Call the aquatics department head and have them refund you for those lessons - they have access to do that regardless of what they say. If they don't give in - call customer relations at corporate, tell them what happened and they will be on your side to help you. Tell them you canceled your membership because of this and you would rejoin if they refund your money. Even though you aren't going to rejoin - they will hear that and want to get you back as a member.

Believe me, i've seen it a million times... they give in, because they think you will rejoin and they will refund you.

Don't waste your time and energy trying to sue them, they've already wasted enough of your time! Good luck!!!