Jordan, Minnesota
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You'll go in and be very impressed by the facility. It is amazing looking.

They make promises they DO NOT keep. The kids club never delivers what they promise in regards to programs for the kids and the level of care. And management never knows what is going on. They day care has 200+ kids in it at peak hours with limited supervision.

Even the day care workers have commented on how they can stay open with so many kids and so few care givers. You have to come 20 minutes early to moist classes to get your "spot". Then it is very crowded. I have seen people get rolled on in yoga classes from people in poses then fall out of onto other members.

I have been KICKED in the head in classes.(accidentally) When you talk to management they have an attitude that you are lucky to be there and they don't care. They charged my account incorrectly 3 months in a row. I spent hours trying to get it corrected and it still isn't correct.

This is seriously the least relaxing, most unprofessional business I have EVER seen. Don't be fooled!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Facility.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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The reason Life Time has limited supervision is because our lovely corporate office finds ways to cut costs left and right. This means that the few number of team members and supervisors that are still left are worked to the bone, sometimes without a break.

If a club doesn't meet a profit goal corporate and area directors tell them to keep cutting in order to raise profits.

The level of service you receive has nothing to do with the club. If you see a disgruntled employee, it's probably because they are being overworked and not one person in the building received a raise in years unless the minimum wage went up.


If they overcharged you and sent you a bill in the mail, then that is wire fraud (a felony).