Mansfield, Texas

Lifetime started enforcing no gym bags on the gym floor at the start of the new year. They say due to theft on the floor.

But it's a fact their lockers get broken into on a regular basis and they will not reimburse anything stolen. In fact the GM told me about a theft and joked because the poor guy had $800 cash in his wallet. He said that's his *** fault for carrying that much money. Well I believe that is the customers right.

Not to mention they charge more than any club in town. They also have video cameras all over the floor, guess they are just for looks? I guess they want you to put your phone, wallet, weight belt, straps, water, ipod, ect.... in your pocket and carry a towel as well while you workout.

Because you cant carry a small bag. I joined 24 hour fitness now and have no issues with the small backpack I carried.

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