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I am a new member at your scottsdale location Lifetime. Yesterday, being my first day there, there was an issue with one of the front desk employees. When I arrived, she was really rude to me, not making me feel welcomed at all. It was my first day in and I was very excited. When we were leaving, I felt uncomfortable with the way she was approaching my boyfriend. She was a little too forward with him, to the point where it made me feel uncomfortable to return. She was flirting with him in front of me as we were walking out the door. I believe the girl's name was Jordan and she works the morning shift.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: 24 hrs, Lockers and outdoor pool, Location.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Lack of customer service, Worst customer service, Felt unwelcomed.

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My husband and I had a good chuckle when we saw this...not at your expense but because we have had a problem with this person in the past, and I finally had to make a complaint about her. She would make unwelcome remarks about my appearance, call me "Dear" and "Darlin'" and once started talking loudly in front of everyone at the front desk about an issue with my membership.

The manager at the time made her apologize to me and the next time she saw me coming, she bolted to the back office like a scared rabbit. So unprofessional as well as immature.

As for whomever wrote saying you were jealous about her talking to your boyfriend, that person must never have seen Jordan.

She is fat with a big butt and bad skin so I doubt anyone is jealous of her. Don't let those replies upset you...she is definitely a troublemaker.


I highly suspect the writer knows the person she is complaining about. Probably, the employee dated her boyfriend before and is much more attractive, so she is consumed with jealousy.


Jeez have you never had a job before? It's the morning and she probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed because she had to go to work and deal with customers like you.

Then her manager most likely talked to her after that because you went and complained about it so that when you were leaving she had to be nice. Also if you freak out about your "boyfriend" when another girl says (what she has to for money) in a peppy way, "Bye!

Have a great day! Come back and see us again!!" You're doing a great job keeping him with that obsessive behavior.