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From: A concerned friend of an Account Manager in North Texas To: Anyone who cares at all about the health of their employees December 11, 2017 To Whom it May Concern: I am a concerned, non-LTF employee. I am also a LTF member.

I have a friend who is an Account Manager at one of your Texas clubs. I am very concerned about her mental, physical, and emotional health. I am also fully aware now that the “Healthy Way Of Life Company” is not a motto at all. It’s just a group of words strung together to form a sentence.

Let me break down why I am thinking of quitting the club on her behalf and why I am writing this letter: • She is scheduled to work 45 hours a week. She HAS TO come early if she wants to get in the rotation of walk ins and whatever “TI”s are. If she doesn’t come in an hour or two before her scheduled shift starts, she is penalized all day. This equates to a 50-55 hour workweek.

In California, this is against the law and you can’t do this to your employees in that state. You can in Texas, so you do. • She is expected to stay late every day. When she leaves when her shift ends, she’s always questioned regarding why.

Every day she has to tell her coworkers and supervisor she’s leaving because her shift is over. • She is expected to work 9:00 - ? the last few days of the month. Sometimes these are 14-15 hour days – on top of the other 40 she’s likely worked already that week.

This is NOT HEALTHY. • She is never able to work out. They say she can exercise during the day, but then they expect her to look like a million bucks 10 minutes after she’s done. • She is constantly being screwed over by other account managers.

They take her appointments, they skip her in the rotations, they hide in the bathroom or café when clients come in to quit – and she has to take them – again getting penalized. • There is a constant barrage of NEVER DOING GOOD ENOUGH. Yeah, hey there, you got three accounts today and you’re an all around good employee BUT why can’t you have gotten five? • And you know what happens whey they don’t make quota as a group?

They are punished by not being about to go to these monthly group workouts. Stupid since she rarely gets to work out anymore anyway because she’s working 60 hours a week. • All of the account managers are only looking out for NUMBER ONE. They sabotage each other.

They lie. They, yes, steal. Steal clients. She’s actually caught them.

Unbelieveable. Just letting you know that it’s ridiculous. She is SO unhappy. She’s unhappy at work.

She’s always assured she isn’t doing enough to get appointments and leads. She’s always stressed. She’s always having to call the baby sitter to ask her to stay late.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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