Westwood, New Jersey
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After joining last year and attending 40 Yoga classes, I am appalled at the lack of respect and acknowledgement for the Eastern cultural origin of this 5,000 year old practice.

The tone and atmosphere of these classes caters to the sorority set, white washing all aspects of this revered tradition.

Each session is obviously instructor dependent, but Ohm has been removed from the sessions by ~80% of them, respect for silence through closing meditation is not enforced (despite their website), and any understanding of the spirituality inextricably woven through yoga is entirely absent.

The final straw for me was an instructor's snide dig at anyone incidentally not celebrating Easter this week, coincidentally the same week as Holi, celebrated by the billion human beings who invented yoga since B.C. Maybe worse, was the explosion of giggling among the other students in the class, at the expense of anyone not celebrating the crucifixion & resurrection this weekend.

I will be searching for a more spiritually true and inclusive yoga experience in Bergen County. I won't be surprised if that leads me back to NYC.

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