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Get ready to pay big bucks for two people. I pay 144 a month.

When I show up I can't use the basketball court or racquetball or pool they sell you on. They are filled with summer camp. Didn't know this before signing up. Already paid 1000 bucks for things I can't use.

Life time: if you want to open a summer camp for kids please do it somewhere else. I pay to use these things like the courts, pools, and basketball courts and climbing wall.

Everyone time I've shown up they're closed down or little kids are in summer camp. Think I want my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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On a real note you don't even belong in this club, for one person I pay 96 a month now your dues should be 192 monthly and I got kicked out with all my many of many months of dues all back in 2 days real deal too they liars and haters