18425 Dodd Blvd, Lakeville, MN 55044, USA
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Lines to shower in boys locker rooms? Lines to literally use a freaking toilet lately wow...

No doubt the homeless are 50 percent of all members.

Here, this gym years ago was tops I think its now just homeless and Sandusky types and its no longer funny, if you got a home lift there unless you like other boys or wanna have them watch you taking a dump im the toilet? There not joking just like Sandusky these freaks are bad behaving never will haves and I think jail is probably a step up from where there actually living these days, the gym rats are homeless or they like boy on boy action, out teachers are teaching them all to ruin themselves, liars are winning

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Your right people hate reality, they talk about the majority have not's??? Or the wages under 15 an hour where there living in there cars its all across USA today