Las Vegas, Nevada

I won't say that they are predatory, I'll just say that it's way harder to be treated fairly when quitting the club than should be true for an "upscale, exclusive, expensive enterprise.

Nice gym, a bit intimidating for those used to "lesser clubs"; nice pools, often busy with a lot of children; relatively clean lockers; not as special as they would like it to be. A nice (nothing special cafe) that is pretty pricey.

Some nice free classes but sticker shock is a risk if you prefer a bit of Personal Training or Pilates.

Our experience is that most services with come in at about $100/hr. Maybe thats fair but those fees several times a month for a husband and wife can add up pretty quickly, especially factoring in what has to be the most expensive membership rate in town.

Be clear, it is all about the money here, money for training, money for food, money for supplements constant hawking of product and service. it goes on and on and if that's OK with you then this is your kind of gym. It was OK with us for a while but I prefer to do business with people who show a bit of respect for long time clients. This club did not show proper consideration when my wife and I were compelled to quit for health reasons after spending thousands. Oh yeah, we were Founding Members, signing up before the doors even opened. Didn't matter. How sad. I may have to pay the $115 partial month fee for a gym I can't use but I probably won't and I can only wonder if it was worth nickel and dimeing me if even one person is swayed by this review. I hope many are.

Well, we'll get well and join a health club in a few months but these guys blew it with us. There are too many options around. There is no reason to do business with disrespectful people and a company driven by greed. Look elsewhere, get more respect and get more for your dollar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They are totally predatory. The owner Bahram Akradi had major issues with the Texas Employment Commission back when the Qclub started in Austin.

Not to mention firing gunsbin his neighborhood, buzzing airport towers in his airplane and bouncing teenagers off the hoods of their cars in Minnetonka.

Avoid this place for ethical reasons...


If you truly have medical issues, you can cancel your membership without notice and pay no additional dues/fees. You simply need to be able to document your illness (or whatever is medically preventing you from working out). Read your contract; it's right there.