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I canceled my account with lifetime and they keep continuing to bill me.

I canceled my lifetime membership several months ago. I went into the crosstown location and if I remember correctly it was the last week of April or the first week of June. I mentioned to the woman at the front desk that I would like to cancel my membership. She radioed back to somebody in member services who came up with a form for me to fill out. After I filled out the information on the form, I received a copy and the club or received a copy as well. Over the past month I have been receiving collection attempts from lifetime regarding a past due balance. After reviewing the balance, it showed that I owed membership fees over the past three or four months. I knew this was incorrect as I physically walked into their club and canceled my account.

The woman that I have been working with at their corporate location has been extremely nice and professional, but useless. She asked me to find my copy and show it to them so they can zero out my account. I looked all over my house and my vehicle for my copy of the cancellation agreement. Unfortunately, I must have misplaced it or thrown it away. Lifetime can check my history of using my membership and tell that I have not been in their club to use their facility in over four or five months maybe even longer than that.

I asked that they zero my account and stop the collection attempts. I did what they asked me to do by giving them a written notice that I am canceling my account. I do understand that I may have misplaced my copy of the cancellation agreement, however, I would not expect that a corporation like this to drop the ball and lose their copy as well. If this is happening to me, I wonder how many other people this has happened to....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Facility.

Monetary Loss: $425.

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The same thing has happened to me but I have got the opposite response from corporate. I have been lauged at, bullied, and been told that a manager would not be interested in talking to me.

Shame on me for losing my paperwork.

I wish nothing but failure for such an inept company. Never join this gym!!!