East Orange, New Jersey
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I was diagnosed with a back problem that required surgery so I put my membership at LifeTime Fitness in Florham Park, NJ on hold at a reduced monthly fee. 1 month later I cancelled my membership but LifeTime continued to bill me for several months.

I made a trip to the gym where they told me that they had discovered the problem and I would no longer see any bills from LifeTime Fitness. Not only did they still charge me, they continued charging me on 2 separate credit card accounts that they had on file.

They used the same tactic with my wife who they asked to appear in person to sign papers to cancel her membership. A few months later my wife discovered that she was still being billed a reduced "on hold" amount.

When I brought this to the attention of LfeTime they insisted that my wife come to sign documents to cancel her membership. I advised the manager at LifeTime that my wife had already done so, but they tried to convince me that she must do so again! My wife is a critical care physician and doesn't think that her time is best spent going back and forth to a gym to cancel her membership. I agree.

This customer service phone number is a useless device to further frustrate customers with no real "person" ever available to speak to to resolve any issues...only an interminable wait. I have contacted my credit card companies who have begun an investigation and have put a hold on any charges that occurr from LifeTime and are issuing a refund for the months that I was fraudulently charged.

I enjoyed the gym while I was able to use it, but they make it impossible to ever quit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Cancelled my membership in November 2014. The "salesman" I talked to asked if I would like to put my membership "on hold" for $10 a month in case I decided to reconsider, and I said no.

January 2015, after the membership was supposed to be cancelled completely, I found a charge on my credit card for Lifetime Fitness for $10. I called to inform them of the mistake, and was told I would need to talk to someone "higher up". Of course this person was unavailable. I now rank this company up there with Time Warner in terms of unscrupulous business practices, continuing to charge customers after they cancel their membership.

Also found another erroneous charge on my credit card around the same time for some online payment processor, I'm guessing for a *** site membership. Now it's possible that my credit card number was stolen online and used by someone in a foreign country, but I have to admit that the timing is a bit suspicious, as I haven't used this card for any online purchases in over a year. It's a nice gym, but way overpriced, and apparently managed by criminals who think that their members are rich idiots who won't notice if they skim a little bit of money out of their credit cards. I'm not rich, but I do have excellent credit and I am extremely vigilant when it comes to monitoring my credit card charges.

Attention Lifetime Fitness: you won't ever get another dollar out of me. I've since reported the fraudulent charges and changed my credit card number. And in the future, I will be warning people I know to NOT do business with you, since you don't even have the common decency to honor a customer's request to cancel their membership. Consider yourself blacklisted from any future business I might have done with you.

And if you even attempt to charge my credit card again, I will not hesitate to dispute the charge and report you and the employees involved. Your *** overpriced yuppie gym can burn to the ground for all I care.

It's funny, if I stole $10 in merchandise from your establishment, I would be considered a criminal and be facing time in jail. You steal $10 from me, and write it off as a "billing error". ***.

You're no better than a common petty thief. *** off and go to ***.