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Lifetime Fitness blows huge time. My wife and I have been members since 2003. Initially the place was professional, clean and pleasant to visit. The last 5 years it has become a literal barn excelling only in ripping members off.

For being a long time loyal customer (10 years!) Lifetime does not offer ANY perks to its members, no temporary discounts, no coupons, nothing! I have gotten more customer appreciation from AT&T, Comcast and car dealership.

Our Shelby Twp, MI location was becoming a rundown barn the last few years. Lockers has broken literally every day we went. The equipment was out of order on regular basis. Despite the many signs asking the members not to drop the weights on the ground, you could hear every few minutes weights being slammed on the ground. There were no Lifetime employees around to keep an eye on these things. We've stopped using the pool after several "***" accidents at fairly regular intervals have occurred.

In this last year Lifetime raised their dues twice! No heads up notices, only after the fact!

This was when we finally decided to cancel our membership. To our surprise we were told that we need to give a month advance on our cancellation. Since I came in on the 3rd of the month it was already too late so we were told that we will be billed till the end of December. What??? That is two months not one! I could not believe what I was hearing. I told the manager that I am canceling my membership immediately and that Lifetime will NOT be receiving a penny from me! I walked out, tossed the membership card to the trash and went straight to LA Fitness.

I suggest more people do this. Lifetime Fitness is a total ripoff!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I am with you especially after I tried to cancel my membership in the middle of a billing cycle. Their response was it has to be before a full month in order to cancel it.

Additionally, they said "read your contract." I cannot recall such rude and arrogance attitudes from any other service business. LT just doesn't care about customer service.



PRZEMEK1973, I'm with you.

Listen to this. We are family members at LT in Florham Park NJ, costing $277 a month, since end of 08 when the club opened, and have loved it, UNTIL NOW. The issue is we formerly had AuPairs for whom we paid a separate $97/mo membership (LT would not allow them under our family PLAN although she lived with us). Anyway our last AuPair returned to Holland about 3 years ago and we cancelled her membership back then.

But fastforward to now, and it seems we have been getting dinged monthly on my wife's card ever since. LT says they have no record of the cancellation, and "very sorry, nothing we can do". We're not even asking for money back, just for some accommodation going forward.

No dice, they say, so we're SOL, and outta there. SKay