Vernon Hills, Illinois

I was erroniously charged $52 on the credit card I have on file with them. The manager of the spa who's department was responsible for the charge was unwilling to help and basically called me a liar over the phone.

About 3 weeks ago, my girlfriend, who is authorized to charge expenses on the account, asked them how much a hair product was. Given that it was $52 for something that could be bought online much cheaper, she put it back.

3 weeks later I get a charge for $52 and when I call the club, they say it's for the hair product. The charge supposedly ocured at 4:21 in the afternoon when I'm at work and my Girlfriend is at work in Downtown Chicago. I know because I picked her up that evening and we went to the club later and bought something at the cafe for a legitimate credit card change.

The manager basically called me a liar over the phone and said she could pull the tapes. I said I'd stop in on Sunday with my Girlfriend and talk to her about it. She wasn't there on Sunday, and another girl behind the counter who I had originally talked to on the phone said she would talk to her boss and have her call me on Monday either way.

Of course that never happened, so I just disputed the charge on my credit card.

If I don't end up getting a refund I'll just cancel the membership if this is how they treat their customers. It'll end up costing them about $1250/year not counting food charges.

And if the manager I talked to should happen to read this and can produce a video of my girlfriend walking out with the product in question, I'll give you $100. Plenty of incentive to watch the videos if you're so right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $52.

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