Trenton, New Jersey

I am the rarest of things, a Founders Member at LTF. I bought my membership at the FIRST club in Eagan, Mn in 1993 and it bought me $48/mo for a family for life!

The deal of a lifetime. Since then they terminated many of the Founders priveledges and have worked to eliminate these memberships as they don't like the deal they created to raise capital. LF have expanded nationally which I loved when I traveled extensively for work. I moved to NJ before any dream they would build in here, and when they did thought it fantastic.

Like others I see it deteriorating, equipment always broken for months, children allowed to use machines upstairs and run amok, and lastly, the lack of courtesy of the members. It is now common to find razors lying in the men's showers. Forget the courtesy issue, this will become a legal issue as soon as one of the naturally litigious members steps on a razor and cuts their foot open. Then your membership will go to $400/mo for a family to cover the legal bills.

Too many people there are slobs, assuming someone can pick up their towels, it's polite to *** and spit in the showers, and continually talk at great volume anywhere in the club, INCLUDING the bathroom stalls. Some simple videos on courtesy like NY Sports used to show would sadly distract from them being able to sell us *** constantly, but might get a message across about common courtesy. Make it look less like a shopping mall and have the staff engaging people in non-commercial activities. This is the part of NJ where too many feel money brings entitlement and prestige.

Just look at the people and cars that come out of the handicapped parking! It WAS a great idea, and now is sadly becoming a mindless selling machine.

Rome went this way. The Coliseum was actually a health club once?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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