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I am a member of a few facilities I L.A., some spin organizations & play a lot of tennis . I was also a Lifetime member on & off since Minneapolis 10 years ago & even joined again in Vegas, pretty opening for tennis .

Well, it was great until this guy named Kevin Segel snapped his fingers at me & with a controlling tone said, "Hey you, come into my office... I need to talk to you". Well, as an entrepreneur in multiple industries, 6', 234 pounds & a proud American Black Man, my brain went to WTF? Since I was with my 6'5" Morro an tennis buddy, I just said, cool your jets guy, we have a match now & I'll talk to you immediately afterward (about what, I have no idea).

His ego went through the roof & he replied, This is my club so, I said now. I laughed & said, Dude, this is the paying customer's club so, chill out. Come talk to me when you can show respect. His reply, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!

I'M CANCELING YOUR MEMBERSHIP IMMEDIATELY! I laughed & said, I play all over town & at country clubs, you're not hurting me. Your losing court fees over your ego, not me buddy. So, that was 4 years ago or so.

Many of my buddies stopped going because I'm their main tennis opponent.

How an organization builds such a great business & backs such a twisted character, I have no idea. Kind of makes me wonder if he were a minority or a woman, woukd they still be treated above us customers?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Manager.

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