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I never spoke to anyone at this club, I was member for 11 years no problems went daily, all the sudden I was being harassed by staff and members, well one day my membership was terminated! I never got any chance to explain my side or I never was told why?

They would flip there stories back and fourth to make it fit, they would never say why and would say take it up with corporate, I would ask many of them give me a person and a number they never addressed anything, I was terminated for there own hate, I seen many mocking others, standing in your way purposely, some unwanted sexual advances that's in the guys locker rooms? They terminated me probably for hate and I said grow up or grow up with one swear word, crazy immature types who hate hate the better people

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Not surprised by their antics. I've sat in the small waiting area near the desk for 30 minutes while waiting for my sister and overhead so many alarming comments.


Yes its there employees! There so immature that they think all are ***??

There jokes imply there minds are very child like?

Decent people don't purposely hurt others but at this club there nasty there is a line to get in? One guy working there as a manager is a *** if you don't like gays the club terminates real men, I've overheard conversations where the staff follow members in there cars outside of the gym, there nuts I say The gym sucks lift at home its way better


Yea there lots of queers at lifetime fitness!! There immature behavior Is just insane!!

There are no real guys there anymore!!

Bad behavior and major personal problems where immature idiots seem like there flavor!! Real guys don't sexually harass other men period, you can't even defend yourself in a good way without your membership being canceled!!