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I have a college student daughter who used the Life time Gym in Dallas a couple of years ago - after a year she told the gym that she was cancelling her membership - they said OK and she thought that was that - well... the membership fee was charged to our credit card.

My husband rarely shows me the statements and although she cancelled - they kept right on charging. After a year - seriously - my husband noticed another charge on statement and handed it to me to look at - I noticed the Life Time fitness charge and said - wow - and explained to him that she had cancelled ... he then told me he had been paying every month. I called our daughter - she called them and they acted like what are you talking about?

You never cancelled but you can cancel now... So she once again told them to cancel and thought that was it. They kept charging. A couple of months ago she went into the place - as when she called a new person told her she could not do it by phone, it had to be in writing.

So she went in and did it in writing... The guy at the desk there said - "Gee, I see you haven't been here for almost two years!" The charges keep coming... I called the number on our charge statement and the woman said well nobody ever complained! She told me she could see my daughter had only recently cancelled and that since she had done it mid month - that was why we were charged this past month too!

I told her what had happened and she said - "We don't cancel without it in writing" (which nobody told my daughter when she first told them at the gym she wanted to cancel) and that the fact that the guy at gym noticed our daughter had not used the gym at all was meaningless as membership isn't "usage based"... I was livid. We have been paying for nothing for ages and getting the run around. I went on line tonight to see if others have had this issue and - many people have!

This is a Scam.

What a Rip Off!!!

I called our credit card company. I have called Life Time - it is a joke - they are rude and just lie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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