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Not to mention that my partner was hurt by one of their machines that was not completely put together. He is to polite to complain and just told them it happened.

They filled out all neccessary paperwork but did not follow up with him. I agree with all other post on here about LIFETIME FITNe$$.

Original review posted by user Oct 01, 2012

Nathan at customer service has forgot what customer service really is. First he did not listen to anything I had to say. His mind was wrapped around the need to bill me for Sept 2012 when I put my membership on hold for Aug 2012 and was refunded 127.90 and the swim lessons fees for my daughter.

Rick the general manager at Life time Fitness in Steriling VA kicked me out of club due to him saying I was yelling at him. I did not yell until after that. He called cops on me as well. I simply stated he was a liar and that he had comfirmed on the phone I was entitled to the refund. However, he stated it was a mistake and he never said that. He stated I misunderstood and that they did try to refund me but the card I used had not let them deposit back on it. Funny is that I got the $48.00 dollars back on that same card from them for swim lessons.

With all this they sent my parter a bill for Sept and stated it was a late notice. This was for 137.00. I took over the billing in April from my partner. Secondly, to get the family discount I had to state loudly to the salesman that I was *** and had a daughter. I think this is non of anyone's business. We know other couples that go there and have kids. They were appauled to this situation. Best to stay away from this organization. I will put this in Navy times, Washington Post, and other papers until I get my refund and my name is cleared. I would understand if I actually did not pay my bills and owed them something.

If you are thinking about working or using the gym, I hope you know that Rick and Nathan need to watch the movie "The Help" and have a big slice of chocolate pie!


Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $127.

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