Westfield, New Jersey
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LifeTime Berkley Heights, NJ caters to many haters and racists bigots that hate Arab alike and gays. Their staff geared to fuel hate and bigotry and if you complain they will gang up on you and harass you, follow your every move in the GYM.

it reminds me as a sectarian/Nazi camp where many ( including certain staff members) feel invincible privileged and its okay to harass and intimidate minorities and that the club as if was simply built for privileged few and their stature in the community but forgot that America for many years struggled to pass stringent Federal laws to *** off such bigots and America we will continue and will succeed.

For many years since the club was opened I was harassed time and time again insulted and called names by either " the Elite local Princes" or Staff. Lifetime did nothing to help me. Even their manager Paul Russo attempted to beat me up when I complained, He was lucky I did bring charges against him. Often when I complained they gang up on me generated fictitious Local Elites as witnesses and contradict my story.

This proves to you how much corrupt lifetime is.

Recently they hired and corrupt ex-cop as from Texas as general manager to cover their hate trails, It's true the club is built like a country club but it is a country club that caters to certain groups far from your normal poor Americans, the Groups Lifetime Target are the one with lots of money, many of them are racist and Haters.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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