Chicago, Illinois

I am beyond DISGUSTED with this club!!!!!!! I used to belong to Life Style fitness, which now is known as Lifetime (i have since switched gyms) .

I received a Promotional Card in the mail...not a big deal right....well reading further...I get to the part of my stated my name (misspelled) but its to my last name... the exact words "Foreignlastname" ...I was beyond SHOCKED!

First of all, if you DID NOT know my last name you could have left that part out...but to put "Foreignlastname", VERY VERY Unprofessional! I immediately called the number that was on the card, the guy was rude and VERY short with me (mind you i am being VERY NICE)...I then find the local clubs number, called and asked to speak to the GM, he was very nice....said sorry a million much as I appreciate that...I still find this to be disrespectful!

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$82 plus tax in San Antonio, kids are $6 a month extra


Men working in ladies locker room during the time ladies are in locker room. No signs posted whats up with that lifetime?

Spoke with manager as he sit behind his desk working on his computer he never asked me in his office and, never got up from his desk.I have a problem with that don't you? I contacted the corporaite office and received a call back from that manager well that conversation went south I had to keep reminding him this was a serious matter. He made a statment "there was only two ladies in the locker room" he missed the point like he missed the point no sign posted if it is not written it did'nt happen.

I could go on and on, however It's not over I will keep you posted. Sugarland texas


$72 month in Cleveland


I received a solicitation call from them, offering me a one day pass. I'm one who cuts to the chase, so I asked how much a membership is.

The guy said, "well let's set you up a time to come in, and we'll talk about it." Ummm, no, just tell me what the price is, dipwad, because if it's $300 a month, I'm not interested. Can anyone tell me how much a single membership does cost?

They don't list prices on their website either.

Thanks so much!