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Once upon a time, I LOVED this gym. As other reviewers com,mented, it has a lot of amenities.

However, ir has become a deluxe YMCA. It is very family-friendly, so there are kids everywhere. During the summer months, the pool is like the local community pool. Moms come with their kids and stay all day.

The last time I was at the pool, a kid pooped in it. Not a baby with a diaper-a kid who didn't want to get out to go to the bathroom. Also, some parents do a better job supervising their kids than others. So although some things are restricted (hot tub, work out equipment) you may find yourself trying to relax in the hot tub with someone's 9 year old.

No relax, and not safe. Not monitored by staff well so you either have to police it or prepare to be annoyed.

The classes are tailored to people who are fit, so if you are trying to get in shape you'll find yourself doing a lot of independent activities. Lastly, the fitness coaches stand around visiting with each other and never assist unless you're signed up for a personal trainer. I tried to reach someone to report the steam room being out of order several visits in a row, and was basically told"sorry, do something else".

At the time I couldn't do something else because I was recovering from an injury. A great place for a family and hard core enthusiasts who don't care to have a full gym experience .

Reason of review: Adults have no priviledges.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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It's mostly Sandusky tyoes and the new members are homeless.. the new jobs like walmart or Amazon dont allow any to afford this gym yet half the members here are poverty kids all grown up