Columbus, Ohio
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I was looking to join a gym. My friend is with Lifetime and she suggested that I checked them out.

I did. I had the Advisor showed me the place and I tried the place out couple of days later.

I have neutral feelings about the place. I noticed that there is something missing from this Club - warmth.

There was no warmth from the Advisor, the Front Desk and the other Advisor that came out to meet me as the first Advisor that showed me the place wasn't available on the day when I tried them out. On top of that, people that worked out in there, they were cold. What's wrong with this place? Does it make people react coldly? Does it start at the Front Desk? If the Front Desk starts to spread the warmth, there will be ripple effects. I understand that Lifetime is corporate-owned, however, it does no harm to show some warmth, which goes a long way.......

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i honestly think it starts at the front desk. the people sometimes up there are young and pissy, they put on a show face when someone is watching them but it fades fast.

they have a sort of power over feel to them, and can treat people very passive aggressively. the club managers now are just coming in after a long term manager left. he was great. these new people are nice but not always with the knoweldge of what is going on in the club.

there is a child care worker at thr dublin location that would make you see red. she lets some paretns pick up their children outside the enclisure, while other parents must come in to the encloisure to retreive their children. no one ever at lifetime has ever done this---its this one young girl who gets a smile on her face as she makes some wait while others are ushered in. its the worst case of passive aggressiveness you've ever seen, parents are pissed at it, if they complain, she gets very nasty in a sing song voice and speaks to them like they are *** i mean she has got to go, she's like 24!!

you wouldnt put up with *** like that from a stranger, so why deal with a kid working in the child care center that wants to play head games with parents and be smug about it. the propblem is that you complain to this new manager ansd he doesnt grasp that this kid is just full of contempt for members and acting this way bc they can. lifetime needs to get it down a passive aggressive policy and can anyone who violates it. many people hired on here are teens who arent respectiful--they can act the part to get the job but once they settle in, look at, they are going to make you feel like high school all over again.

it got so bad with this one high school behaving child care worker thay i simpkly avoid all her shifts.

i would really like to see her fired. she deserves it.