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Probbly the worst customer service I have ever gotten. Especially Sarah at the Plano location has a big attitude every single time I go in. Cancelled my membership due to her and her co-workers

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am a long time resident of the Arlington/Mansfield area. I pride myself in my community and chose to relocate here 11 years ago after thoroughly researching cities in the Metroplex.

My husband and I joined Lifetime Fitness in 2008 when they operated out of a makeshift trailer. The thought of becoming a member of such an exclusive gym was very exciting to us. The close proximity and the amenities were major factors as well!

We have enjoyed our membership and recently put it on hold because we were contemplating relocating to another city.

We dreaded the thought of placing membership elsewhere, because none could compare to Lifetime. After much deliberation, we ended our membership after having it 8 years. It was at this gym that we enjoyed water aerobics, the cafe, and where we lost over 20 pounds each. This was a very hard decision but we terminated it.

At the beginning of this year, resolutions were made and we committed to getting back on track in regards to our health. We were ambitious and rejoined on January 5, 2017. Our intentions were good, however with our recent move, and work schedule, there was no way for us to regularly visit the gym. At the time that I made the commitment, I should have chosen the month to month (like we've had previously), but we were a bit over zealous and chose the Loyalty membership which binds members to a year contract.

After my husband and I realized that we weren't going to be able to uphold the commitment, we contacted the Mansfield Lifetime Fitness.

My husband called on the morning of January 25, 2017. He asked to speak with the GM, Kelly Warren, and was assisted by the person who answered the telephone. They asked him to give a brief description of the reason for his call, and he did.

He was placed on hold, and a young lady came on the phone and told him that all he would need to do was to visit the gym and that his membership would be terminated without any problems. My husband contacted me at work and I asked him to call again to ensure that the information was indeed accurate. He was told once again that since we were so close to the 14 day period, that it wouldn't be an issue for me to go in and sign papers to terminate the membership.

I stopped by the gym after work around 4:35 and asked for the GM at the front desk.

I was told to wait and was then greeted by Kerri Hamilton. She explained that Kelly was in a "one-on-one" and that she was sent on her behalf. With all due respect, if she is the representative for the GM, she doesn't paint a great picture for this fine establishment. I found Kelly to be confrontational and defensive.

She accused me of being mean and rude when all I tried to do was get some explanation for the reason she was now telling me that I could not terminate the contract. I explained that my husband had spoken to two people on the phone and was told the same thing by both of them. She went on to tell me that my husband spoke to Jordan, a New CRT member and that Jordan didn't have the authority to give out that information. I then told her that somewhere there was a breakdown in communication and that her team members should all be aware of the policy.

Kerri also was argumentative and did not try to resolve the issue at all. She also went on to remind me that it was me who had chosen that specific membership and why would I do that. After going back and forth with Kelly, I asked for the corporate number and contact person because we weren't getting anywhere. I asked a couple of times for the number and I again told her that I wouldn't go back and forth with her.

She then called me "mean," and "rude!" I'm not sure how she profiled me in that manner due to a conversation/discussion we were having. Then essentially, she "kicked me out" of her office. She didn't literally kick me out, but asked me to leave with a very malicious look and arrogant attitude. I have never been so embarrassed, but I remained calm.

She was sarcastic and unprofessional in my opinion. One last thing, she did tell me the stipulations for breaking that type of contract. She then went on to say that even with my new address (Glenn Heights), I would have to move another 10 miles in order to qualify. I'm not sure if she actually did the math in order to calculate our distance, but her facts were incorrect.

This experience has left a very "bad taste" in my mouth, and I hope that no one else has to endure this type of treatment. My husband and I do qualify under the stipulations, and we have decided to terminate our membership. I hope that Lifetime will remind employees the importance of treating ALL customers with respect and dignity. Sincerely, Mrs.

Dawn Y. Bluitt