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This happen at the Lifetime Fitness in Parker, Colorado. For the last past year we have been receiving Lifetime magazine Experience Life and was told that it will stop after the first month of cancelling our membership.

However this did not stop for over a year when we talk to Lucas their salesman in April of 2015 to cancel our membership. As for their sale people, it's a huge turn over. Lucas was not employed after a short time, from the time we start our membership in February of 2015 to April 2015. This should of said a lot about any business about the stability.

Maybe Lucas got fired for giving members wrong information or lied. Back to my story about the magazine. When I did get sick in tired of looking at this magazine on my kitchen for over a year, I called Lifetime yesterday about it. I was told it's their Lifetime Health Membership that we sign up in April and they were charging us $10 a month since last year.

That's almost $140!! I asked to cancel this membership but was told it has to be done by person or by a letter through mail. This lifetime health membership was good for nothing. It has videos online that we were never show how to use and this useless magazine that we never sign up.

Also it will hold our spot if we ever want to join again without a startup fee. In any business, they will contact the member and asked if they want to rejoin with this hold on their account, which lifetime never contacted us for over a year. The person I talked to said they emailed and called us in April of 2015. I asked for a copy of the email when I cancelled our membership in person yesterday.

When I arrived their new salesman can only show me a message detail that said Elizabeth emailed and called us. But he could not print this message details when I asked, welcome to 2016 lifetime. Screenshots!! After my wife got home from work, the story got more interested.

She did not received any email or phone call from Elizabeth. We checked my wife email inside and out and can only find an email from Jeff May their GM asking how out membership was going April 2015. She replied on April 24 2015 about how unsatisfied she was when we try to cancel our membership with Lucas she signed her up for the $10 lifetime health membership and how there was no note on the cancellation when she called to follow up later. Jeff did not reply back to her about these bad experiences.

As a GM I expected him to address this and a phone call would be even better. Another bad customer service was when I was there cancelling our membership that we did not use for over a year because I did not know we have someone handed their salesman a envelop with my name. This person that handed the envelop did not say anything and the saleman just gave it to me. In the envelope was our contract with the lifetime health membership contract.

It had not signature by us just signature on file. However after I cancelled our membership they were able to print a copy with my signature and we received an email. Lifetime fitness is all about money and lies. If you try to cancel, they will sign you up for something else so you will be stuck paying them monthly.

Lifetime Health membership is a disguise to a death sentence $10 charges is small enough for you to easily miss on you bank statement. They lie about emailing and calling you when they can not supplied any copies except their own way of a log message details which any employee can do. No time, no phone numbers, or person they contacted. Their ways of doing things will make your life a nightmare, can not email to cancel a membership, cannot print, have no copy.

This is 2016!! Avoid Lifetime Fitness if you cancel they will find a way to get you back in!! Full of people that lies, cheat, and steal!! With no emails or real legitimate log from them, my bank help refunded the monthly $10 charges.

They don't want to work or help you.

They just want your money so they can build their huge gym will so many staff that do nothing. Lifetime fitness is a road to your worst nightmare!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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