Raleigh, North Carolina

I used to swim and take water aerobics at LTF.

One evening as I was walking toward the pool where water aerobics was held, I saw the "Pool Closed" sign. The other people usually in the class were standing around talking. A lifeguard came up, picked up the sign, and informed us that someone had vomited in the pool a few hours earlier.

I thought that the pool had to be closed for a lot longer than a few hours, though I didn't say anything. The lifeguard attempted to reassure us by saying "we scooped it out and put in chemicals."

I said "okay, thanks for letting us know. I'll swim laps in the other pool instead." He responded, "I wouldn't get in that pool. The pH level is bad and there's, like, no chlorine in it." I asked if he was planning to tell the people currently swimming in it to get out, but he shrugged and said "They're already in the water."

I didn't swim at all that night. I went to talk to a manager, who said "thanks, I'll look into it."

When I returned the next day, I said that I wanted to cancel my membership. I didn't feel like paying $70/month for a gym that didn't seem clean to me anymore. The customer service gentleman was not very nice to me. He implied that he thought I was lying and said that "we have the cleanest pool around." I just kept saying "thank you, but I'd really like to cancel. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble."

He decided that we needed to check the lifeguards' log book since he didn't believe me about the lifeguard's statement about the pH level. I told him that I wasn't interested in getting anyone in trouble, but he insisted. I should have just walked out, but he hadn't processed my cancellation yet. Of course the log book wasn't much help either way because the pH level from the previous day was deemed "borderline" by the staff member.

After about an hour of him trying to persuade me to continue my membership, I finally convinced him to please just cancel it because I didn't want to swim there anymore. It was such a hassle and I'm so happy to be gone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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I have spent more and more money on trainers that increase my session rate because of their constant increase of their "Level of certification". Come to find out my trainer isn't even certified!

Their levels are based on how much sales each trainer brings in monthly!

What a scam! This "healthy way of life company" is only concerned with the HEALTHY SIZE OF YOUR POCKETBOOK!


I was going to Lifetime Fitness (Woodbury, MN) for a few years. I had to put a hold on my membership for a few months, then a few months more.

Every time I had to put a hold on it, I went in person to make sure everything was taken care of properly. Unfortunately, having it taken care of with one person doesn't guarantee it's taken care of by someone else. They tried to charge me for months I didn't use the gym and I gave them the requested notes from my doctor. They kept trying to change the dates that they needed the note by.

They charged and got paid by my employer and they tried charging me. I did not and will not pay them. They lied to me about what they needed and when. Then when I called the manager, she wouldn't answer her phone and wouldn't call me back.

I had to make several trips. I am disabled and was not able to work out so these trips caused me not only a lot of time, they were not pleasant to me at all. They tried to tell me that I must have misunderstood them. I went in person and wrote down what they said as they talked to me and they knew it.

One time they told me that they manager that I talked to was gone and he was just a temporary employee. So they even lied to me who I was talking to. I would like to work out again now that I am able to again but I can't because they think I owe them money. They actually ripped off my employer already.

I can't afford to go someplace else. My employer used to have it so we could go free every month as long as we worked out so many days per month. They also screwed my number of days up a few times. I always had to write down the days I worked out so I could prove when I was there.

They said sometimes it didn't register in their computers. So I had to wait for them to put money back into my account that they had taken out when they shouldn't have. They went through managers so often too. At least I was told they were managers.

They were extremely rude to me, told me nobody had a program where they didn't have to pay, (lie), and said I was lying to them. I will never go back there even though I really need to go back for my health.

Yes, I would like this settled.

But I know it won't be settled. So unless you can fix that place forget it.


Pool closure times for vomit are based on how much chlorine is in the water. The CDC has guidelines for how long a pool has to be closed.

The more chlorine you have in the pool at the time of the incident, the less time you have to close the pool. Most of the time the pool can be closed for less than an hour.


I am sorry to here about your experience recently at Life Time Fitness. We work hard to make sure that our facilities are clean and operational for all of our members. It is one of the main principles that we believe set us apart from other health and fitness clubs. That said, we would be interested in hearing more specifics on your situation. Please feel free to email me directly and I will follow up right away. My email is: rstanke@lifetimefitness.com. Again, I am sorry to hear about your experience and thank you in advance for any other information you can provide!

Bob Stanke

Community Engagement Manager

Life Time Fitness