Carrollton, Texas
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Lisa Bennett called me and told me my membership was cancelled immediately and that a facility member and a member of the gym was threaten by me. It's all lies I don't bother anyone I stay to myself.

I suggest if you're poor don't join this gym and don't do anything to offend the workers. She just told me that everybody that work there that I was an alright guy.I was told this on the 6th of November.

Facility member spoke with Lisa Bennett GM of North Dallas location and lied and said he didn't feel comfortable around and also she said a member of the club didn't feel comfortable then she said a couple of members said the same thing.Her lack of investgestion skills led her to this conclusion. I truly hate this gym and location and the whole company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Facility.

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There just immature flakes who don't understand life yet? Real men don't act like there *** unless they are that way, Sandusky said he was joking too, here its little boy are us..


The members they don't like get terminated by liars!! That's true... If someone isn't charged with a crime by the police then everyone should be allowed to pay there dues,and use the club


The club don't care that others lie and lie about people they don't like, its not fair but your hands are tied, they terminated a member from Minnesota for telling a non straight member to freak off, you can't defend against bad behavior and they really don't care its called they don't like you sorry buddy