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Lifetime Fitness had always struck a good balance between families and singles looking for a good workout. The centers are huge, offer lots of equipment and classes, and have a huge childcare center so mom and dad can go work out.

However, their new guest policy is clearly geared to keeping new families out. Starting June 1, 2012 guests are no longer permited if they bring children under the age of 18, no exceptions. Given the membership costs of Lifetime I would never recommend someone joining without giving them the opportunity to try the facility firsthand. Of course this was only disclossed to us after we arrived at our center in NJ and was told they could not come in.

We had planned on using the pool, given the 95 degree temps that day. We were told the pool was crazy busy, however we had just walked past it on our way in and it was half empty due to the severe thunderstorms that had come through about an hour earlier and cleared it out. We were also told some members were abusing the guest policy by bring 10+ kids and then letting them take all the chairs, normally reserved for members. I have 2 issues with this.

First, if certain members are abusing the policy, adjust it to limit the number of guests at any one time, or put a limit on how many guests you can bring in a certain period of time, but to ban guests just because they have younger children!. And second, Lifetime already has another policy (which I agree with) that says children are not permited to have their own chairs in the first place, member or not.

So their point of children taking too many chairs is outlandish. Enforce your own policy about children using the chairs in the first place, and who cares if someone brings 100 children in, they can not use the chairs, period.

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That place is not even a gym anymore it has turned into a Chuck E Cheese basically with all the brats running around


As someone who works at lifetime in the summer in kids' activities, I want to say something. That guest policy is only in effect during the summer.

This is because the daycare and pools can often be overflowing with members' kids in the summer.

There are also the summer camps. Adding in unnecessary kids just makes it more crowded and my job harder.