Rochester, New York

This is a complaint on behalf of myself, but mostly my mom. I am visiting her for the weekend and she had the idea that we could go work out at the local lifetime fitness club, a club she has been a member of for over five years. Upon entering, I had to fill out some paper work and show my license, which was understandable. After this we were told to wait for a guest services representative. After several minutes, another group of members that had guests got to walk in and use the facilities after filling out the paper work. When we asked why, the woman at the front desk told us it was because they were from out of town.

Apparently, since I still have a Minnesota driver's license, it is company policy to try and sell me a membership, even though I only want to use a treadmill for an hour while my mom does yoga. She has run into similar problems when she has brought guests and she had had enough. So she asked to cancel her membership. The membership services representative who was supposed to meet us "right away" came to disparage her to no avail. Finally, while trying to cancel her membership on his computer and telling her she was "wrong" and that I might be interested in a student membership, "Philip" told her that his computer had frozen and he could not cancel the membership.

For being a membership services representative, 'Philip' was able to provide absolutely NO services. But this is only part of the problem. Customers should be treated with respect and graciousness at all times...members should be treated that way ten-fold. My mom has been a member of lifetime fitness for the better part of the decade. This means that she has made a commitment to this company and it is guaranteed payment once a month. Yet she gets treated like dirt when she tries to bring a guest every once and awhile, and when she goes to the salon, the staff constantly up-sells her, often without her knowledge. I understand the company need to try to generate more business, but in doing so they lost a once faithful member, one who will tell every friend and family-member that there are better health clubs out there and a "membership" at life time means little to nothing else then being preyed upon every time you walk through the door.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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If you want a gym to workout DO NOT join Lifetime. They are a corporation only looking to make money and that is it.

Their personal trainers are told to sell services not to help clients and that's why most people that use personal trainers don't see any changes.

There are kids running around, talking on the phone in the work out areas and no staff member says anything. They are a joke.


I currently work there and only get paid minimum wage to look after members children. While I do get a free membership for me and my children, and also discounts on services, I don't have to use those and give them my money which I have done for the last 4 years of my employment.

But apparently things like employee satisfaction is not something they believe in. I also have issues with the guest policy--I was even told taht my mother in law who is from the UK would have to join and pay the admin fee plus membership for the 2 weeks she was visiting. Also the fitness classes are always jam packed with no regard for the fire safety number on the wall. Also the child care center is often understaffed and therefore over ratio and we've been told we aren't allowed to have a wait list and have to let children in regardless.

When it was questioned legally, we were told that as it wasn't state certified that they only had "guidelines" and it wasn't illegal to have a 1:20 staff to child ratio (or more sometimes!).

I'm gradually becoming upset by the fact that money seems to be the most important thing at this place and more than likely will be leaving once I find something to replace it. And I'll have no problem telling everyone I know why.