Allen, Texas
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It's amazing that they claim to be a gym, when it's actually just a babysitting facility. They free weight section is small, and none of the machines are bolted down.

Overcrowding is the norm. They don't have enough squat racks, and the ones they do have are commandeered by their trainers. I was personally bullied off of a squat rack right in the middle of my set even though I had no idea about that class. The trainer's husband threatened to kick my *** if I didn't leave.

In the end, I stayed on the squat rack, because it was a matter of principal at this point, until I spoke to the "manager". I cancelled my membership after that.

Don't waste your time with this place. There are much better gyms than this cluster F of a place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: Marble countertops.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Free weight section, Locker rooms, Dirty floors, Rude trainers.

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The people who are lifetime members are the working class poor, they don't have a decent toilet at home nor can they take a decent shower for less cash than just going. Here, they kicked out straight as any can be and replaced them with fruity and they never will be? believe this room for rents or living in groups and coming here cause you have no where else to go


Lift at home,in garland Texas homeless people are living in new suv's in the parking lots of lifetime fitness, the housing Is becoming so outta range for your average person out there