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Greed is good at Nickel'n'dime Fitness (Warrenville). The management at Lifetime Fitness are masters at ripoffs and runarounds.

Do not give these idiots a debit card number or checking account number! Use a credit card so you can request a chargeback.

The first problem I encountered was when I worked with a personal trainer. I renewed with him after completing the initial round of sessions. He was fired shortly after I renewed and there were no other trainers that had suitable schedules.

I made many calls to the "club manager", who would do nothing but transfer me to the "training manager". All calls ostensibly transferred to that phone went to voicemail. I made multiple calls to the "training manager", again all calls went to voicemail. I made multiple calls to the "customer service" department, equally unsuccessful.Your calls will not be returned, nor will your voicemails be answered.

I called my credit card company and requested a chargeback for non-delivery of services, which resulted in a full refund.

The 30-day cancellation policy (either by certified mail return receipt requested, or by visiting a club prior to the 5th of the month) is a real ripoff. These jokers will not take a cancellation by phone, and make it as inconvenient as possible for members to cancel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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and then they sell your personal data for money. Thats' right and YES that's also in the contract (This ones for you tiffany)


She (Tiffany) works for lifetime. Companies commonly pay employees to post on blogs for the sole purpose of distortion misdirection and confusion!!!

There is always someone like

tiffany who mysteriously appears defending the companies interests on nearly every blog on the internet. They stupidly think the consumer is *** when in fact they are the *** ones.


join the class action suit. it's the only justice you will get. they think their above the law but they are not.


I got them back for everyone. I put on surgical gloves. Went to the bathroom and took a dump on the floor then rubbed it all over the bathroom.


Lifetime Fitness is an awful company. I'm currently dealing with a similar situation in trying to cancel and being strong-armed into paying for another month...seriously, it takes 7 weeks for my cancellation to go into effect?!?!

They just want to squeeze every last dime out of you and bank on the fact that 99% of their members forget the cancellation policy and then are forced to pay another exorbitant monthly fee. I've been a member for 5 years and this is how they treat me. Not good business. Do a quick search of "Lifetime Fitness cancellation policy" and you'll see hundreds of complaints.

I understand there are contracts in place for a reason, but the world isn't black and white and they should have the flexibility to help a customer out when the situation calls for it.

There are too many gyms out there to waste your time with one that cares so little about their customers.

Such shameful business practices.



Well, its August 16, 2012, and the cancellation issues still exist. My wife cancelled with the salesperson, who told her that she did not need to do anything else.

6 Months later, they were still billing our credit card and even after they acknowledged our cancellation and the fact that we did not use the facility after speaking with the salesperson, they still demanded one more month of fees to cancel - DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO WORKS FOR THIS COMPANY.

If you cancel, uaw your valuable time to hand-deliver a form and get a receipt for it. Otherwise, this company will continue to rip you off.


I felt I should also post here to add to the membership problems with Lifetime Fitness. I was a member of the Berkley Heights NJ facility and it has taken almost 1 year to the day to get them to stop charging my credit card account for monthly billings.

I moved out of the area. I sent 2 letters by certified mail and got nowhere. It finally took a 3rd letter that was delivered personally by a friend to eh facility to get a name and have the account cancelled.

What a joke. These problems spoiled what used to be a nice workout facility.


anyone who is posting against people who are complaining about this facility are hired by the company to harass customer complaints to make it seem it is your fault and yes they are corporate thieves and rude.


Class action forming

lifetimefitnessclassaction dot com


lifetimefitnessclassaction dot com


Hey guess what? All of this is in the contract you signed.

No gyms will let you cancel over the phone, they require either a certified letter or coming in person, it's a fact. You will be charged for the following month if you cancel this month, it's in the contract. If you didn't read it, then stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn your lesson for next time. The previous poster, you're a liar about this "proplem" you had.

They do not make you call the corporate office, trust me, I cancelled from them twice, you just have to go in and fill out a form, you will still get charged the next month but you CAN use the gym that whole month as well. I think your problem is you simply can't read because you sure as *** can't spell! Read people!

READ CONTRACTS before signing! *** your way through life will never get you anywhere, educate yourself.



You are obviously an employee of Lifetime, why would any company make it so painful for someone to cancel their contract, if it weren't a money grubbing rip off.


Do restaurants charge you for not eating dinner there?


When I can prove who I am over the phone who I am, why can't I cancel?

3. I had to move to NYC so I stopped going to the club after 4 visits to which I paid $149 original fee and $100 a month for the 2 following months for a total of $349 for 4 visits that has not been enough money for these vultures they still send me bills and late fees.


No point in arguing with since her she can't reason. Clearly anyone who supports this immoral unethical behavior doesn't think logically.

If we read all those contracts from virtually every company we dealt with we would need an extra 80 years of life just to have the time to read them all. They know this and this is why they make those contracts extra long and wordy and the print is really really really small and buried way in the back on page 20. Then when we complain they hide behind the contract and the legal system. Just because a contract is legal doesn't make right, moral or ethical.

Some people don't care about that.

But just let them get ripped off and then see how angry they get.


Tiffany is a liar!! She works for Lifetime. I know her and of course her name isn't even tiffany.


You are actually wrong. I cancelled in person, I even recorded the cancelation on a video because I new this problem happened to a couple of friends.

signed the form, I was ok with paying the extra month. and they continued billing for for 3 additional months. they were saying that they never received the cancelation. I sent them a copy of the cancelation, a copy of the video and they finally cancelled it but the refuse to refund me for the 3 additional months.

even with actual proof. so stop being a freaking ***, thinking that all this corporations are honest.

There is always fine print but it doesn't mean that they follow it.


lifetime fitness is a scam!!!!! i have been trying to cancel my policy since april..i went into the club in Beachwood ohio to cancel they told me the only i can cancel is if i call ther coorprate office,all i can do is put it on hold for 10/month..i had a sick family member so i had to go out of town for a couple months,meanwhile i called the coorprate office and talked to a lady named JACKIE..AND I informed her that i wanted to cancel my policy and she told me that i had to go into beachwood and fill out a form fo cancilation.i told her that the lady told me to call coorprate and iam out of town so i cannot go into the place.she told me OHWELL THER IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE!!

so i come bck from out of town and the took $443.00 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT!!

so i called them bck and talkd to about 3diffrent people of whom clearly wasnt trying to help me at all they all said they is nothing they can do,so i asked to speak to they manager one young lady told me NO and that he will just tell me the same answer that she just did...i had to hang up and call back about 4diffrent times leaving messages on voicmals of whome never returned my calls!~!! so i had to continu to call and finally got to a superviser..and she got a attitude with me refused to let me speak to her i hung up and called bck finally got to him his name is NATHEN JONES,HE GOT AN ATTITUDE WITH ME TOLD ME THAT THEY GOT THER MONEY AND THAT IS ALL THAT HE CARES ABOUT..AND HE WOULD OFFER ME A PAYMENT PLAIN BUT HE WAS ALMOST SURE THAT LIFETIME WOULDNT RECIEVE THE MONEY OWED.HE WOULDNT LET ME SPEAK TO A HIGHER POWER THEM HIM..IAM TRYING TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP ME AND IF THAT MEANS SUING LIFETIME FITNESS THAT THAT IS WHAT IAM GOING TO HAVE TO DO BECAUSE I FELT THAT THIS WAS UNFAIR,NOONE CARED ABOUT MY PROPLEM,THEY WERE VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!!


Kelly, I've been nothing but nice to them but fact is the guy who changed our membership knew nothing about the Flex program, everything he told us was a load of you-know, but as far as the Club's concerned it's TOUGH for us that their guy was uninformed about a policy their own terms note as "contact your center for further details." They're really good about calling you can to get your money but not so good when you have a problem or issue.


I have never had a single customer service person be rude to me in my entire life, and all of my complaints are handled promptly. Know why?

Because I'm not a *** about it. It makes me laugh every time when people contact customer service about a problem, are rude and angry to the employee they speak to, and then expect that same employee to give a *** about fixing your issue.

I know it's frustrating, but a patient attitude, some swallowed pride, and a grin can go a LOOOOONG way in getting what you want from people. It's not rocket science, I promise!


That's because you have no backbone. No gumption.

It's the american way to fight these evil pr*ks. Vote for trump!!!


I agree they lock you in and then make you pay to get out. They use horrible sales tactics, to bad ...I would have rejoined.