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Lifetime Fitness clubs are not after your well being. They are after your money. I recommend to all people not to even join that club. It's a scam place.

I added my children to the active membership status in the beginning of summer, theye were added immediately and the whole month is billed, it doesn't matter when during the month they were added. As they did not go there frequently (one of the two went only once) and schools started, I want to take them away.

The first thing they hit you with is the Full 30 days notice you need to give them, meaning if you give a notice on September 14th, you will continue paying until October 31th. In addition I will be charged a $15 downgrade fee. This is not fitness, it's Greed.

Try to call the management, the calls will go to voicemail.

The 30+ days cancellation policy (either by certified mail return receipt requested, or by visiting a club prior to the 1st day the month) is a real ripoff. These jokers will not take a cancellation by phone, and make it as inconvenient as possible for members to cancel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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They just stole $341.00 from my bank account this morning and have told me they cannot give it back. My husband is currently on his way there to cause a fit. Somethi g bad is going to happen today


A line at the door at certain locations where they dont care! If you own a home lift at home? They are merely undeveloped adults trying to make a living by smiling when it's bad


I believe they offer a great product. The gym is unique and has some fun stuff to do that make working out less dreadful, however their membership and financial policies are deceptive and predatory.

There is no incentive for them to be considerate of members when trying to cancel or freeze an account. I was charged for two months when trying to cancel and was not allowed a refund for a pilates package that I was unable to use because the class was cancelled. It's deceptive trade and they are benefiting financially from it.

It literally feels like I've been the victim of a scam and horrible crime. If I had any good experiences at their gym, the memories are all erased by the blatant disrespect and condescending treatment.


I added my sister to my primary account and she is travelling for 4 months. I went in to freeze her account but they told me I cannot freeze just one account.

I have to freeze both accounts!???

Why would I pay for someone who is out of town? Why do they have to make it hard?


What OP describes is precisely what I'm going through with Lifetime Fitness right now. Stay away from these bandits.


I cancelled, followed the 30 days rule and they still charged me, TWICE. I got the first charge removed and then they charged me again.

I have to go back in and get the 2nd charge removed.

But 1st I am calling my credit card company to block the charges if it ever happens again. Such a scam.


Yes, same here. 30 day notice plus a $10 service fee added to my monthly bill.


I have problem with this as well. Upon moving, this was last thing I forgot to do - to go and cancel.

I call them instead, saying I moved and if I can proceed with cancellation over the phone. They did no, I have to physicly sign the paperwork and be changed another month. For what? I am throwing away money!

Very disappointed. Not going back there, even if we move back.


24 Hour Fitness had a similar policy, they were sued and now the policy is different. Just saying.

What is the point of making it difficult for members to cancel. As a fitness gym you should WORK HARD to keep your members, not make it HARD for them to quit.


Bottom line, they have no ethics and *** customer care. Their leader is a complete *** also. *** Lifetime Fitness!


I am also not happy with this sell technique. I believe there are many people who are not happy with this business practice.

If all of us join the lawsuit against Lifetime, will it reasonable?

@KC at MN

I agree... would love to start a class action suit.


Wow, do you people read your contracts? Every gym makes you give a notice before the new billing cycle.

Period. I have been a member at Golds, 24 Hour, Fitness 19, The Met, Ballys and now Lifetime. I have had to pay another month at every gym when I quit after the new billing cycle. Its in your contract, even if you sign month to month.

Lifetime is an amazing gym.

It is expensive, but well worth the money. You all sound like a bunch of fat cry babies.


I quit, gave them the 30 day notice, paid until the 30 days were up and they charged me again TWICE!! I followed the rules and they still screwed me.


You have to always pay another month. If you tell them on July 1 you’re not renewing any more, you’ll have to pay July and August.


Jman, sounds like you work for Lifetime. If you disagree with the opinions of these folks, why are you reading them?

I had the same experience. My son moved away. I called in September, and was told i had to come in.

I went in on Oct 1st, and now i have to sill pay for October AND November, and NO, they do NOT tell you this when you sign up, nor would they produce a copy of this policy for me. People are allowed to express their frustrations regarding this policy, without some steroid *** hole like you calling them fat crybabies, you ***


When I walked in and requested to put my LT membership on hold, I was asked to write a letter to that effect, and because I had requested 1 day after being billed for that month, I was told that I would be billed 1 more month. Grudgingly, I agreed.

Now, it's been 2 months beyond the 2nd month, and I just saw my CC being billed again. When the 1st wrong billing occurred, I called the LT branch and spoke to someone, and was asked, DO U HAVE A COPY OF THE LETTER THAT YOU GAVE TO OUR REPRESENTATIVE. Really guys? I am going to fight them tooth and nail.

And their corporate it going to hear from me. And the Media in Atlanta, including Clark Howard show is going to hear from me. And is going to get a new entry.

And every forum, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will hear about this on a weekly basis till LT pays me back every cent they have stolen from me. AND, the day I find the copy of the letter I have somewhere, I will sue them if they do not stop this nonsense and pay me back immediately.


You should had called your bank or credit card company and block any charges from a company so they can't do anything about it. I still go to the gym because I'm to lazy to change gym. Its not cheap and its really not worth it when it's just a LA Fitness with better marketing.


Same thing happened to me. I called and they made me come in.

I came in and cancelled my membership and called their corporate office. They charged me for two months of no use (said their policy was to give 3o days notice and that I had to pay a full month no end prorations).But they are still charging me. They stated they knew I came in on the day in question, they have in their notes (I took a picture of the manager's card and have a time stamp on my phone). But I assumed she processed my cancelation and she did not!

She is saying I failed to provide my signature! I can't prove that I did. I was there, they know it, they know I came in to cancel as they wouldn't allow it over the phone. And now they have an additional 400$.I am disputing via CC.

I have perfect credit so I know my CC company will back me but I fear retaliation. They are unscrupulous to the core.


The Houston Willowbrook Lifetime Fitness will take advantage of you when you least suspect it. They told me that they do not have long term contracts and you can suspend, cancel anytime.

I put my credit card down for mine and my son's separate membership.

My son started the personal training and month by month he would extend to the next month and I was prepared each month approx 1000.00 would be charged on my card. He had the trainer July, August, September and no surprises all was well. In October he wanted the last month for a while for several reasons and one of them was I only agreed to pay for up to 3 months just to get him back in shape. He told them and he stated he would start back up later.

They had him sign the contract as usual but this time they put TBD on how long which can mean anything and also can be a long term contract. They did not have it for one month, they charged the next month, and I did not catch it until I saw my card. They said they were planning to charge every month even if he was not going. He was not going because he did not think he had more sessions.

They would not refund, they said they could not do anything about it. So they commercial for LA Fitness that talks about them draining your back account, they will when you least expect it. I got my credit card company involved and they are handling this as I am not going to pay this. I am about to cancel the membership now of the family as I love the club but don't like this type of tactics.

Cory was one of the trainers and the other trainer filling in as well as the manger, none of them will refund. By the way, you can not cancel by phone, by email, by fax. Only in person or certified mail. They do this so they get extra money from people.

If you have moved, or in a situation where the certified mail or in person is not convenient, it makes their cancellations less. That should be against the law, if you tell someone you want to cancel via fax, email, or phone, you should be able to cancel. They allow you to join via phone. That is how I originally joined.

So you really need to be careful with them. They have a good gym but it is when you don't want it they will take advantage of you. The trainers are all about money. Their ethics is questionable.

The trainers give themselves raises by employing these types of tactic. Shame on you Willowbrook Houston TX Lifetime Fitness employees, managers, and trainers. You are no different than any other thief when someone turns their back. But the real problem is Lifetime Fitness Organization as they employ and foster this type of environment.

I would not be able to live with myself doing this. But that is just me.