Dallas, Texas

I have had more than my fair of issues around the lack of integrity with the management at the Overland Park, KS location (member for 2 years). When we finally found another comparable gym and went in to sign our cancellation, I was more that agreeable with their requirements.

Fast forward two months and I am still getting charged a small amount. I called in and they told me that I didn't cancel, instead I signed a flex membership agreement. That's ***!!! there is no way that is the case.

In thinking about how they got away with this, all I really sign is the small little box, I don't see the actual form. At this point it is comical that even my cancellation was shady.

I begrudgingly am going in to verify that I am signing a cancellation policy. Seriously though I can't see how this company can lack such fundamental integrity and get away with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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