Lake In The Hills, Illinois
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I love lifetime fitness, never going to the spa again!!! First I had to deal with the rude receptionist, who got noticeably annoyed when I was 15 minutes early to my appointment.

When I told her I was early because I was told to come 15 minutes early for my eyebrows, she rudely barked at me "that's funny I have you in here for after your pedicure. Since I had the appointment card I knew she was mistaken but kept my mouth shut and told her I could wait. Then she said "did you wanna pick a color?" Impatiently like I was wasting her time. I would have loved to pick a color if I knew where, hello this was my first time.

So I said "yes I don't know where they are." After picking my color I waited 20 minutes to get my eyebrows done, which was the only good experience. She was very nice and did a good job. Then it was time for my pedicure.. The girl doing my toes asked my every personal question about how my husband and I make money and why I'm a stay at home mom and not working, then she proceeded to insult my feet and tell me she could tell I'm outside a lot and that she found a dog hair under my toe.

She made my relaxing pedicure the most uncomfortable experience of my life. She did not get a tip.

She didn't paint my toes very well either. I am so disappointed, it's not even worth using the rest of my great priced coupons for joining, id rather not spend any more of my time there feeling uncomfortable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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