Dallas, Texas
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My wife & I were told by friends that it would be a good place to swim and stay fit. So we asked them about a membership.

They quoted us a fee that was double of what our friends were charged. When we confronted them about their dishonesty, they tried to shuffle the papers on their desk and go into their sales pitch spin.... They made various attempts to get us to sign a contract. I am not a weak mined fool who can be owned with old jedi mind tricks!

Although I refused to sign, I still felt bitter because I hate wasting time, and I hate having people think that they can trick me or rob me. So I accepted their one-day trial pass.... I returned several days later, and got my revenge! I "accidentally" destroyed a huge mirror (by dropping some heavy dumbells on it - 'oops') ...

I also stuffed some dumbells into my duffle bag & smuggled them out with me. I smeared some human *** onto the keyboard of their salesman's office (he stepped out to flirt with some cougars, leaving me a chance to infect him with some glorious filth!).... All's fair in open combat you bastards. Never try to cheat a psychopath like me.

I am still looking forward to damaging you cheating losers again. I am not finished with you by a *** sight!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

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"All's fair in open combat" shut the *** up you ***. "Psychopath" more like p-u-s-s-y you ***. You just make yourself sound incredibly pathetic.


1/10 for getting me to reply