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I have been a lifetime member now for three years, and usually enjoy their hot yoga classes. Today (Monday) I went in for a 5 pm class, and arrived outside the Yoga Studio right at 5 pm (not 4 59, not 5 01, just 5 00) to find the door closed, and when I tried to open it there seemed to be a stopper or some sort of block on the other side.

When I tried opening the door open, I couldn't, and so I pushed a little to see if I could go in since there didn't appear to be that many people inside the studio, and as I saw inside, it was NOT a full class and plenty of room was left. Then the yoga instructor turned around, saw me, and completely ignored me. So I closed the door I had managed to crack open, double checked the schedule was at 5 pm (which it was), and knocked on the door. No answer.

Even though she knew I was outside and clearly dressed ready for class. This is extremely rude and disrespectful, ESPECIALLY since yoga is suppose to be soulful or healing. Previously I have always raved about how good lifetime is a gym and how nice the staff are, clearly I was mistaken and have been praising the incorrect gym.

Lifetime charges me about $90 a month for a membership and you would think with that funds (and they Can charge more) they would hire more polite or respectful staff, and obviously they are slacking. I am a very annoyed disappointed customer as now I can't even enjoy my workout, or go into class, or be treated with respect by a gym (and its employees*) that I pay for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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