Saint Paul, Minnesota

Membership for 15 years off and on. Recovering Cancer survivor.

Had an adverse chemical reaction to medications and while suffering a blackout accidentally placed items from their Cafe in a bag some unpurchased. Was escorted outside and stripped of membership. While explaining situation, realized that management would contrive and fabricate details of the situation to cover against a potential lawsuit.

Corporate managers as rude and disrespectful as club employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wait....your pissed at them because they caught you stealing???? Priceless!!


So....according to your poorly crafted sob story, you were coherent enough to go to a gym....and coherent enough to try and reason what management's intentions were when dealing with you while attempting to manipulate them, BUT you were "blacked out" when committing your crime? How convenient.

This sort of scam might work in Edina, but......

Yeah. Lol


This "story" sounds beyond suspicious. Has the typical elements of victimhood (while placing blame on the REAL victim, the business), and imagining the club might be fearful of a lawsuit..

seriously? For what? No one owes you free merchandise.

When you steal, you face consequences. Hopefully you learn, but it seems doubtful.