Alpharetta, Georgia
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At Lifetime Fitness it looks "ok" in the cleanliness department but it is what you do not see that should worry you. I went in a hot tub for the first time in my life and developed a rash almost immediately.

I did not put it with the hot tub until it got out of control and I went to the doctor and within 10 seconds he asked if I had been in a hot tub lately. I said "Yes". He said it was hot tub folliculitis. According to the CDC it comes from severely neglected hot tubs.

It is a bacterial infection.

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I once found a smelly stained jock strap on the bench press machine and even saw a sweaty imprint of someones balls on the bench in the locker room. I even saw two dudes blowing each other in the showers and they asked me to join


I have spent more and more money on trainers that increase my session rate because of their constant increase of their "Level of certification". Come to find out my trainer isn't even certified!

Their levels are based on how much sales each trainer brings in monthly!

What a scam! This "healthy way of life company" is only concerned with the HEALTHY SIZE OF YOUR POCKETBOOK!


:( :( ive always hated life time :roll :roll :( :(


we are members of a life time fitness and the club is outstanding. never had any problems with infections or rashes.

they steam clean the carpets regularly.

the trainers are always wiping down mats and balls. i would complain to the general manager about what happened to you!!!


I had to complain to Lifetime management when I repeatedly saw the Lifetime employee using used shower towels to wipe down the sinks in the locker room! It does not take a microbiologist to question how much bacteria is on a used towel (can you say "MERSA") that gets spread to the surface of the sinks where people brush their teeth, shave etc. I've not seen this done since I complained but if it happened once........


there is a gym located in alpharetta Ga and the facilities operator is Cathy Redd and the towels are very dirty. they dont use soap of bleach when they wash their towels Cathy feels as long as they dont have a stain on them who will care what the towel has been thru.

they are also know for having bowel movements in the pool and not shutting the pool down for 24 hrs.

the hot tub is gross you will notice a nasty film of filth around the edges of the pool once its drained. No matter how Cathy Redd is reported she will not be fired