Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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We signed up for LifeTime thinking it would be secluded and safe. Well my wife and I went to the Sugarloaf LifeTime at around 11pm and people were hopping the fence to the outdoor pool and someone on the inside was letting them in.

Right in front of the camera. After about ten people came in fully clothed, I went to ask for the manager. She was working the front counter. She said she was new and couldn't permanently lock them out because she didn't even have keys.

So they said they would go look for some. Well the people took off out a door and made the alarm go off in the gym. We were told the gm would contact us that night for the next day. Nope.

The guy who signed us up called us next day without realizing what happened to try and sign us up for personal training. We told him we wanted to cancel and what happened and he said he would have his gm call us next day. Nope. So next day we called and were told we would get a call back.

Nope. So I emailed them.

Nothing in four days. I just needed up calling my credit card company to do a reverse charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Personal Training.

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