Castle Rock, Colorado
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My husband tried to get a membership in Colorado Springs LifeTime Fitness. He is a veteran.

No help there, they just want to charge full membership fees which keep going up, they are expecting another increase in a few weeks. So the entry point is at $70/month. Clearly overpriced when nearby gyms offer $5-$20 memberships. Very unwelcoming staff that clearly don't care to get more members.

I would not recommend this gym to anyone.

It is overpriced for the value it offers and staff is not really trying to get more members. Maybe if they had enough members, they would not have to raise prices.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Anyone that is educated on basic supply and demand will know that you have zero clue with your comments. If the location was struggling to get members prices would be going down- not up.

Anyone that has driven by or stopped in will clearly see a lack of members is not an issue. Don't bash a business just because you can't afford it. Yes more expensive than competitors.

Same reason a BMW costs more than a Chevy.