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To whom it may concern,

I was an employee for a very short time at your Alpharetta Georgia location. I was hired by Cathy Redd. There was a series of events that occurred between she and I as well as other employees. With in the last month, five employees that Cathy hired are no longer working there. I don't write for the return of my job, it was obvious I was not LIFETIME FITNESS material,

At the beginning, I was elated to be able to work at the gym, until various fragments of confidential employee information was exposed to all the employees from Cathy Redd. During my interview with Cathy, I was told I was what lifetime was looking for, because of the maturity that revolved around my age. Cathy appeared to have a rough time with the employees who where in their 20's. She felt they were not responsible to handle the position of being her assistant, her last assistant Jennifer Lott had left the premises with Kaitlyn Stephan with out clocking out and they got into a car accident. I agreed with her and Informed her I agree with her and once I am able to learn the job I would love to assist her. Our first interview was in the spa while Cathy had the finishing touches to her manicure.

Once I was hired, Cathy made sure she provided the answers to the various assessment test at the Gym to make sure I passed to get the job. At the beginning of working, there was a buzz going around about the assistant was in the process of being fired, and I remembered when Cathy entered some information into the computer to see if Jennifer did show up for work.

inside the laundry room there was and is a constant chatter about the work ethics of lifetime fitness. The complaint was why only a few qualified for the health benefits and how no one gets a raise. As time went on I would have a chat here and there with Cathy and we both exchanged personal information about each other. I was once asked to work a double eight hour shift from Cathy and i informed her sure, and since it was the last minute I would have to pay my sitter fifty dollars for the day. Cathy appeared to be concerned about how much I had to pay and I informed her everything was fine and it will all work itself out.

As time went on, another employee was in the process of starting a negative conversation with me about Cathy and her Ethics of how she went about scheduling people. I instantly shut her down in front of Kaitlyn Stephan and went outside to call Cathy and let her know, because I did not want any trouble. Cathy agreed with me taking a walk around the building and asked me if "WE" should send Sonya home because there is too much negative energy in our department. I did not agree, although it was Sunday and the gym is rather slow, I informed Cathy I REFUSE for the negative energy to fall on me and it would not be a good idea to send Sonya home, because If i leave at five then Kaitlyn would be alone. Once I got home I informed Cathy Via text message although Sonya and I had a rough introduction it did not mean we could not work together.

Shortly after, Cathy had just informed me that she fired an employee, by the name of Marcus, because of his language. I also asked her about the others who had so much negative to say about lifetime Quincy and Connie. Both parties made several complaints about Cathy's new assistant Julian Favors on the way he tells on everybody who works in operations. Cathy informed me that was correct and that is they way for someone to be promoted at Lifetime Gym.

Cathy later informed me that she was in the process of firing two other younger employees and for no one to say anything. I guess it was a hoax, they are still employed. I take it the "DEPARTMENT HEAD" who was unhappy with them had change of hart.

On May 10th I noticed Cathy had five females working at the same time. I start work at 2pm and I was not sure of their time of departure. During that afternoon, Cathy decided to pull certain individuals aside to speak with them, when It was my turn she wanted to take me outside in front of the building to speak to me. She was not able to do it right then, but informed me she would get right back to me. I asked her if there was a problem and she said no. I finally get my chance to go out front to speak to her and she wanted to know if" I HAD ANYTHING PERSONAL to tell her. I'm thrown off, because I dont understand her question, and she gives me another chance to tell her some thing personal. I have nothing to say, so she gave me a check list to follow, because the gym was going to have an inspection the following day and this is a dire need that needs to be done now. After I started the process Cathy called me to her attention about forty five minutes later. She wiped her index finger across the window sill of the and showed me dust, i informed her I got a yellow fluffy duster to wipe the dust and she said get a wet towel, I did.

Cathy once again called me outside and asked me if i was upset. I agreed and she informed me that the "DEPARTMENT HEADS" have noticed I had a sad or mad look on my face and If i look that way then I will not be able to perform my job properly and for me to go home and its nothing personal and I can come back on my next schedule day.

On my way out I ran into a co-worker who asked me what just happened, I informed her I did not want to talk or start any employee gossip that I was going home.

I sent a text to Cathy and told her I Hope the "DEPARTMENT HEADS" would be able to leave today into today aand would be able to start a new day. I also said I think I have a better understanding of why she brought me outside because of my serious look. She Texted me back that tomorrow was a new day. I also left a live plant behind and because it was in a cabinet i went back to get it. Cathy was in the laundry room folding towels and made a nice remark about tomorrow being a new day.

I latered called the co-worker to tell her what happened and she said she was confused, because Cathy pulled her aside to inform her a customer informed her about me sitting in the locker room studying my school work for 45 mins. We were both thrown for a loop, and the so-worker said that is not true, Rhonda is not like that at all. This made me really start to think, Did Cathy have to many females on the schedule so she had to find away to send someone home.

The next day I went to the gym to work out and I had to run back to my car to get money to eat at the cafe before my workout. Cathy greeted me with a bubbly hello and wanted to know if I had a nice work out. My answer was short and I replied no. when I did return to work on that Friday, I ran across Julian Favors Cathy's new assistant who asked me if I had something to tell him. I informed him this was the second time I heard that and he wanted to know if I could feel the positive energy he had on him. I laughed and proceeded to go back to work. Later on that day around nine pm when Cathy was calling it a day, she stopped me at the elevator to ask me about me not leaving yesterday behind, because I did not speak to her today. I told her i did not have nothing to say and my feelings was hurt from her asking me to tell her something personal. Cathy replied feelings are not important and i agreed and informed her she was right and from here on out if its not work related to please not say anything to me.

Somewhere during this drama I happened to be at the gym off the clock to work out. I asked Cathy for her key to add some towelettes to the dispenser to wipe down a machine I was in the process of working out on. Cathy asked me if i got her text and she was ready to change my hours from 2-10 pm to 6am-2pm. I gave her a hug she said I love you Rhonda, I said I love you too, I just don't understand why she was being so mean. She said we need to talk soon, i agreed. The following day I had to work and i found I had a virus on my computer and sent to all my contacts about my virus and any of the crazy text messages from me was not from me. Everyone said thank you, but Cathy said if this is not work related to take me off of my mass e-mail text list. I took her number out of my phone and went to work at 2pm

At work around four Cathy walked up to me with a green tube waving it in my face, the only thing I heard from her was maybe I should say hello first and after she said hello I went to wash two showers. I still don't know what that green tube was nor do I have a clue as to was said about the tube. Four hours later Cathy walked up to me and said " High Five" I gave her five and she said that's what I'm talking about, I waved my hand and walked away from her and proceeded to fold towels. She raised her voice at me and shouted you don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you, I told her only my mom is the only one who could yell at me like that, she said that is insubordination, I walked out of the laundry room. Cathy followed and yelled at me until i went into the locker room, I went into a bathroom stall and closed the door and i have no clue which way she went. After returning to the laundry room I was told by the others who witnessed what happened was that she wanted to give me a COMPLIMENT and I was wrong for walking away. I went outside to get air and when I came back in Cathy was on the phone asking the others if I wanted to talk with her, I gave a gesture with my hand that swayed across my throat and was asked again and I said no and continued with my shift. Sunday I went to work and all was peaceful and Monday I was allowed to stay at work for an hour. A DEPARTMENT HEAD Desiree walked by me and spoke and I smiled and then I ran into Cathy in the locker room who spoke, I smiled and she said where are going to get to the bottom of this and to meet her in Nadeems office and we will go together. I left and went to the office. Nadeem spoke how he felt and informed me when my chance is given to speak I must respond PROFESSIONALLY. In the beginning of my response I was told to recite the mission statement, what I felt did not matter we must follow the mission statement. From being flustered from Cathy's remark about my co-workers was concerned about me because I was having a hard time paying $50.00 a pop for my sitter, there was no way I could recite the mission statement. Nadeem agreed that we are a family and it was a nice gesture for my co-workers to be concerned about me. After leaving his office Cathy tried to give me a hug as if we were buddies on the exercise floor to give me pointers about a dirty storage closet I can go to to study. I tried to walk away from her.

I was not able to study and was invited the next day to give my statement. I was not able to make it back in time for my meeting with Nadeem, I had two flat tires, I called Cathy at 8am and texted her at 1pm came to the gym at 4pm to talk with Cathy to be invited back to talk at 7pm to be told to meet in Desiree's office to say I am no longer allowed to work for Lifetime Fitness. I am into a HEALTHY way of life and had no choice but to accept they did not like me. The next day I wondered if all of the drama was because I texted Cathy and told her about the 2year old customer who told me about not being able to swim because someone POOHED in the pool and how the pool was only closed for an hour and there was not enough chemicals to clean the pool.

Cathy informed me to call her and she spoke with Desiree and they both agreed the life guards did not know anything and they too were just like me and the rest of the employees in our department and the manager of aquatics would not allow that to happen. So here comes the part were I will no longer make you dizzy with reading this drama. I don't expect you to be able to change the above CAT fight with a couple of females with strong attitudes, but I do hope you are able to see what you invest in and how you spend your money on the hiring and firing process of an employee and how HEALTHY lifetime is. From the dirty soil towels that we wash with no bleach and what a 2yr old and other people feel is a clean pool. Thank you for your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Manager.

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I agree with lifetime not cleaning their pools. how can I get intouch with you


I have a pending lawsuit for something that stemmed from the filthy of tub. Lifetime claimed they tested the water every 2 hours only later to retract the statement but claimed they keep up on it.

I have 3 current employees providing depositions about the lack of sanitary conditions - they cannot be fired for honest testimony. Any one else want to come forward????