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I joined Lifetime 2 years ago shortly after they opened. I have loved the club and chose to disregard some of the short comings mentioned in these other reviews. I joined after communicating with a Lifetime "web specialist" named Jamie G. I have an email thread from 2 years ago from Jamie at Lifetime that shows that my Mother and I qualified to use their Diamond Couples membership and get a bit of savings since we live in the same household. Let me clarify, as I did then, the criteria for a Diamond membership is "shared finances and shared household". Jamie was clearly eager to get us signed up and the contract was sent to me approving my Mom and I for this specific "couple" membership. I spent up to $360 per month at Lifetime which included my son's swimming ($100 for swimming lessons). Not including countless other expenditures like $8.00 Mocha Madness smoothies.

After over 2 years, Tyler, the manager, and a "business administrator" named Jennifer told me that we no longer qualified for the Diamond membership savings. We may live in the same household but we are not the proverbial "couple". I contacted their unhelpful corporate member services and spoke to "Babs" who read my original email thread from Lifetime and told me that "email sign ups make mistakes..." There was no intention to honour the original contract they offered us. I was actually told to produce proof of joint banking or a shared mortgage. Obviously we share expenses, we live in the same house. The proof I have that we share a household is our drivers licenses which was not acceptable. I asked if they requested married couples to produce proof of joint banking and she replied "yes, if they don't have the same last name..." I hardly believe that! I told them they were going to lose 2 members who basically sung Lifetime's praises over the years. They did not care one bit. Lifetime is a corporate machine, they may try to read your name off the screen when you enter and be pseudo personal, but in the end you and your money do not matter.

Why did I cancel? I would have to pay an additional $50.00 (with the tax) per month for myself and my Mom. This would take me over $400. Lifetime reneged on their original contract. Basically, head office and the staff in Mississauga acted like I was getting away with murder for 2 years. Clearly, 2 years ago when the club was new, they needed members. Now, they don't care to keep the members who have been loyal. The service in this matter was horrific, too bad they ruined a good thing. Alexandra in the front office tried to justify the decision to me by saying, "what if I shared a house with my cousin..." I just could not hear it...this was a membership that was plain and simple, offered to me upon signing up. There was no hidden information, I didn't "sneak" anything past them and from my saved email correspondence, I have it in writing from Lifetime.

The fitness instructors, many were fabulous,and they worked so hard to build relationships with the members. I made wonderful friendships as well, but unfortunately this has to end as a result of Lifetime's *** customer service personnel.

I have since joined LA fitness in Burlington. It's not as nice, but the instructors so far have been great. It's $40 per month. See ya Lifetime, there's options out there, you're not the only game in town.

*edited to add, I have since found other clubs that are not so discriminatory offering various plans including single parent family discounts, senior discounts, senior couple discounts, and "2 adults" discounts. Clearly, if you are a single parent or a family that does not fit the nuclear so-called norms, you are not welcome at Lifetime Fitness in Mississauga. Just keep looking for the right fit. And by the way, after cancelling, not a peep from Lifetime, I checked my bills, recently I was paying $369.41 per month. Their loss.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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