Sterling, Virginia
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The club has become filthy. It caters to a majority of middle eastern and Indians who believe it is a country club and it is their right to be cleaned up afterwards.

They go into pools fully clothed, hair all over sauna , and blow snot all over. Secondly, their GM and Fitness Mgr does not respond to members complaints and are all about the mighty dollar for the gym ( most likely trying to look at their year-end bonus) They have cut classes that people enjoy stating they quit which were lies. They hired back a Susan Powter looking cycling teacher that has a cultish following of fat girls that " woot, woots" the entire class. They cut 4 classes to add this mental midget .

On their social media site people have complained yet no response. Who the *** lifts weights and cycles , let alone dances on a bike?

The gym has zero policy about people on cellphones. You will see people in classes on their *** phones the entire time..Cmon', what did they do tell instructors not to tell these idiots to *** them the *** off?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let corporate know how bad management is at this club and people are pissed.. It's going public.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: Previous management.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: How dirty, New managment, Class offerings, Cellphone city.

  • Woot rip-off
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