Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have been a member of Lifetime Fitness Troy for over 10 years. I haven't been to the club all summer as I usually run outside.

Well, I recently went in and they remodeled it for the worst. They moved the few treadmills that were close to the TV's to the other side far away from the TV and crammed the weight machines so close, that when you are doing leg presses, you can stare right into the person doing shoulder presses. Annoying. This is so they can use up a lot of 'floor space' for their pricey trainers and try to compete with cross-fit gyms--which they can't.

I did cross-fit and the gym was--well--a cross-fit gym.

Lifetime charges a lot to be a member and I gladly forked over the money, but now I'm going to check out LA Fitness--which by the way is only a few block from my house. I liked Lifetime so much that I would drive out of my way to go, but not anymore.

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