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I have had pretty good luck with my local gym. The people are friendly, the trainers are great, equipment is abundant and the facility is upscale and very clean.

Lifespa is well kept and offer great services. My account manager, Jimmy is great. So that's all good. Then corporate happened.

On top of the outrageous monthly price that I pay, I was charged an extra $1.25 this month. So I call the corporate office and low and behold they say, "Oh yeah- you were charged the the magazine subscription." Well, I don't want the magazine. Please stop sending it and please credit my account $1.25. Nope.

They can't do that. Really Lifetime? You are such a huge company and you can't credit a paying customer $1.25 for something they didn't want? What really burns me is I called them when I received the first issue because I read the cover that said (in the smallest font possible) "You will be charged the subscription fee after the 3rd magazine if you don't call and cancel".

I called and immediately cancelled and guess what? They sent it to me anyway- and charged me anyway. The rep on the phone who said he was a "team lead" and when I asked for his manager, he said, "I can't transfer you to the CEO, ma'am." hahahaha what an ***. He was unbelievably rude.

Didn't respond to me, talked over me, refused to send me to his manager, all over $1.25.

It's about customer service and it makes me sick to think that I pay this person's salary in my dues. Get your *** together Lifetime.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifetime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lifetime Fitness Pros: Equipment, Location, Trainer, Cleanliness, Services offered.

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Price, Lifetime fitness corporate.

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Please include me in any class action lawsuit against Lifetime Fitness. I joined one day and cancelled the next day because the restrooms were filthy.

I was told I had 14 days to cancel to receive a full refund. I did not wait 14 days, I cancelled the next day. I was charged the initial fees and 1 month. I am furious!

I have filed a dispute with my bank but it could take 10 days before I might get my money back.. I can be reached at 832-606-8634