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I had a situation come up where I had to go home for a month to take care of my dad after a heart attack. Linda (Bianconi, I believe her last name is,) the "customer service" person at Life Time Fitness in Burr Ridge refused to place my account on hold, because I did not know if I would be back. She said this service was only to maintain good will with customers, and if I was no longer going to be a customer, then there was no reason to extend that courtesy to me.


I called the Life Time Fitness corporate office in Minnesota, where a customer service person there yelled at me for expecting any consideration for my situation, because there are no exceptions to the rules. I wasn't asking for a free month or anything like that, only that I get what I was paying for. I told them I would be away for a month and that I did not mind paying the full price when I returned, but she said payment was not based on usage. She was unhelpful and unpleasant. When I commented on how rude she was being (admittedly losing my patience and telling her she owed me an apology,) she told me that she had absolutely nothing to apologize for, that she was educating me. She then went on to talk to me in a very insulting manner for a few minutes, before I finally commented that what goes around comes around, and hung up on her.

The fact that these people would add to the stress I am under and yell at me at a time when I am already under a great strain"”just so they can have my $80 for the month I am away"”is unthinkable. These are the people who are representing you and your company. These are the types of people that engender ill will towards Life Time Fitness and associate poor customer service with the Life Time Fitness brand. I found this thread full of customers who have had similar experiences, and felt compelled to add my story to theirs. The type of behavior those Life Time Fitness employees exhibited is unnecessary. Everyone has a job to do, but the way these employees have gone about doing their jobs is blatantly offensive and low class. They made enemies for life, whereas they could have made loyal customers"”all for $80.

I have canceled my Life Time Fitness membership. The $80 they are getting from me while I am away will be the last $80 Life Time Fitness will ever get from me.

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How the heck are they supposed to know you are telling the truth.Everbody has a sob story and their own personal selfishness where the terms they agree to no longer apply to them.

You wonder why prices are so high?

To all who don't keep up their end of the deal, businesses lose money.Wah, wah, wah, go cry in your beer!

to Anonymous #910563

Your logic is *** the first paragraph. ***!

to Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #918605

I agree with "How the Heck".Non use of a membership, no matter how long you've been there does not mean you get a refund.

Just because you are going away, for whatever reason, vacation or a sick relative, means nothing. Most gyms will accept a doctor's note for the member only, but not a doctor's note for a friend.

Life happens. Deal with it. You want special consideration?

So does everybody else! I hear all kinds of stories. Only member documented medical are accepted virtually everywhere. OMG, and to add to your personal pain?

Get real, HOW THE HECK are they supposed to know. Everybody lies to get out of their responsibility.

Read your contract.They hold up their end, you hold up yours, pay or cancel.

life time

please don't think that all life time employees are like this.poor management is to blame.

i kno that there are employees that want to make your life easier, but also want to keep their jobs.when their managers are like the woman you described, its hard to stand up to her because they will get in trouble

Hi Tony

well put, your reponse.Ive been a member for 4 years, i love the gym and the brand it promotes.

however, there is one major area in all these years where i have nearly canceled my membership--and it is becasue of an employee who is passive aggressive, rude, non customer service orintated, or outwardly aggressive toward me. there are many, many younger hired ppeople who are NOT given training in how to use emotional intelligence with guests, how to conflict resolve, how to respond to members..these are people you might hire after they worked at a call center and routinely cursed and hung up on people. they bring their bad habbits to your good compnay and they are left to run amok the front desk and really burn people up. some are ever really passive aggressive and have a smile on their face the entire time they are insulting you in a sing song voice.

of all the companies, gyms, centers ive been a member to, lifetime fitness has the worse rate of these toxic workers ive experienced anywhere.

i would highly recomemnd working with a training course and a follow up random mystery member grading employees on perfromance in terms of how they represent the name are losing loyal people by letting losers handle your desk and call centers.

to Hi Tony #876803

You really want high training for a minimum wage job.How about the customers?

Staff are ALWAYS being called rude, but they aren't allowed to fight back. Customers, on the other hand, feel they can F this and F that, berate you, yell ans screen. Lets spend some time training customers on how to be nice. I'll bend over backwards for nice, BUT I WILL NOT REWARD RUDE!

They'll get a list if "I'm sorry are unable to comply with your request".Good customer service does not mean the "customer is always right", you'd go out of business in a heartbeat and lose your employees if their job was to get yelled at and take it all day for $7+/hr.

to Anonymous #890917

So true, customer service workers are not paid well, but yet have to tolerate constant bashing and asking for favors and to bend the rules "just this one time", or a sob story to bullying when that doesn't work. Employees can only do so much, but trust me we are much more willing when a customer is polite, and treats the employees with some gratitude and respect to go above and beyond to help.

Mr. McGuire, Houston, TX

I'm glad to have read this as I was considering what it would be like to join LifeTime.

More consideration.


You're a *** for paying $80 a month for a gym membership. I have a family plan with tanning for a lot less than that

Tony Saucier

I work at Life Time. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but thank you for bringing it to our attention. Your feedback is important to how we build an enjoyable member experience. I’m hoping to gather a few more details so I can look into your membership, so please consider contacting us at the e-mail address below. Thank you.

Tony Saucier

socialmedia [at]

Life Time, The Healthy Way of Life Company

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