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Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2014

Life Time Fitness in Las Vegas (based in MN) has a NO CELL PHONE policy for the locker room, which they never enforced. I complained July 2014 cell phones pointed at me and others of different ages, and September 2014, Life Time Fitness removed their cell phone policy. Now allowing cell phones to be used at lockers, sinks, and showers area. A BIG THANK YOU TO LIFE TIME FITNESS !


Not taking affirmative steps to protect against privacy rights violations.

NEW Cell Phone Policy AS long as no Nude Man/boy pics in Locker Room, can talk or text on cell phone, even aim the phone at them, just don't photo!

Life Time Athletic LTF Cell Phone Locker Room Policy

Life Time Athletic Allows Cell phones in Men's Locker Room at lockers, sinks, towel dry off area near hot tub, just don't take pictures or video. Men/Boys of all ages naked. LFT life Time Athletic Summerlin Las Vegas NV 89135


YOU Can use cell phones in men's room with OTHER men and boys naked in front of YOUR cell phone, IT IS totally allowed. - new policy after I complained risk of child *** with men sitting at the towel dry off area and at sinks holding up cell phones. Cell phones with capabilities to photo on each side like an IPHONE 5.

They were going to enforce their no cell phone ban due me bringing awareness, but they did the complete opposite and lifted the cell phone ban; making a reckless decision, providing even greater privacy violation risk abuse to members and their children.


Life Time Fitness has always had a NO CELL PHONE policy to protect privacy of members of all ages in men's locker room, and in August 2014 they lifted the ban and changed their policy as I (on July 17, 2014) requested more than 1 sign up (picture below), (they have 12 slippery and wet signs), I Had cell phone pointed at me as I put on my underwear, and observed cell phones pointed in direction of minors who were wearing nothing.

I, like everyone else, see phones used by many, and people of all ages are in front and no one knows if their video or pictures are being taken.

They never tried to enforce the policy, and I see men at the towel dry off area and at the lockers and at the sinks hold up cell phones, and members of all ages can be photographed. Do you want your family member or yourself photographed? I'm not comfortable with this, I complained, and they said they would correct the problem, only to make it even easier for privacy violations of male members.

Instead of enforcing their policy after my concern July 17 meeting, they are changing their policy, making even a greater risk, new policy as long as pictures are not being taken you can use your phones; however those taking pictures are sly.


Effective June 20, 2014 (Policy on Web but will be newly changed to protect the gym, not the member, cannot prove if pic/video is taken, can not get cell phone from another unless you have a court order, they KNOW this!

Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices. You may not use mobile devices to place calls in any locker room, sauna or steam room. Please use common courtesy when using mobile devices in other areas of the center.

https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/smile-youre-on-my-cell-phone-camera-phones-and-privacy states difficult to determine if your picture is taken because you're unaware.

THERE IS NO REASON TO PROVIDE AT LEAST A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PROTECTION: Which if 100% saying and reasonably enforcing NO Cell Phone. I never seen them enforce policy, I was told they were to watch for theft (supposedly some members do not lock their lockers, and to keep eye on hot tub and steam room in locker room.

We have rich members and business men as members, we tell the young ones to stop taking pictures.

Truth: anyone can be a ***, or have desire to collect pictures of nude men and boys for personal use, or to submit to spy amateur websites. We don’t know what anyone’s fetishes, sickness, or behaviors are by just looking at them.


No one is taking pictures or video is Life Time Athletic reply. But if they are, just report it to us.

You cannot guarantee this. The original NO Cell phone sign went up in Life Time Fitness Locker Rooms 5 yrs. ago when in a Life Time Fitness Gym, in MN, a woman taken a nude picture or another woman in the Lifetime Fitness locker room and posted it to internet. She never knew her picture was taken until posted to the internet as a joke, and she did not find this to be a joke or funny and sued Life Time Fitness, then the 1 sign No Cell Phone was posted in all the locker rooms, but I count 12 slippery and wet signs in the locker room. Life Time knows the risk in the locker room; they should do the minimum at least to protect members for privacy rights violations.


By removing the No Cell Phone Policy, after Brian Frankwick (Gen Mgr. of Summerlin Las Vegas, and is also the Regional Mgr. of NV, AZ, and CA says he doesn’t know what happens in the locker room, he doesn’t go in there IS NO EXCUSE, I came forward, this blog is also making it known, Life Time has obligation to create a safe environment for children and men. They are more liable removing the policy given my experiences made known, and are more liable because they should know better and know the risks.


Fathers and their sons are unaware of perverts photographing and videotaping them, Fathers and their sons are at Life Time to use the locker room for showers, hot tub, changing, and are not aware of the risk.

PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF OTHERS POTENTIALLY TAKING THEIR PICTURES, Often unaware of their environment, they just want to use the pool, locker room, have good family times, work on getting stronger and being fit.

Their thoughts are “it’s family day, I’m with my son” Father still showering or at sinks, son walking/running around spa area naked.


APPLE I PHONE can take pictures on both sides of camera, appears as if you’re texting, but you’re taking pictures and videos, this is what it appears to be when men are sitting at the towel dry off area facing young boys and men coming out of the hot tub and from the locker area to/from the showers. I POINTED THIS OUT!!!!!

OH, BUT MOST PEOPLE WOULD NOT DO CHILD *** OR FILM SAME SEX NUDE MALES in the LOCKER ROOM: When privacy violation is committed, it is 100% to that person, and maybe 50 people on their phones are not taking pictures, but who is to say if the 51st person or the 10thperson has taken video or pictures of members? I had a cell phone pointed right at my butt as I put on my underwear at my locker at Life Time Fitness and turned around and saw the guy holding the phone.


How do you determine that most members, or all members are aware of the risk of cell phone use? How do you agree cell phone ban should be lifted, obviously immediately after my complaint, my true legitimate concerns and experiences affecting everyone's safety? Is it the cost of the signs? extra time to send out free email reminders, or initial hassle to have attendants remind members to be respectful in protecting other member's privacy? Life Time Athletic made NO attempt to enforce their No Cell Phone Policy, nor to implement the outline per their legal department 7/29/14 email to me (attached at end of blog).

The posting of the signs themselves will lead to members assisting in policing each other.

BUT NO ATTEMPT was MADE in enforcing their long standing cell phone policy at my gym's locker room.

Having no cell phone policy and enforcing it will make those using or attempting to use cell phones to be easily visible.

If everyone has a phone, those with bad intentions will be better hidden; they would not be out of place holding a phone. Their goal is to take pictures, and they will be clever.


Our members will quit if we don’t remove the cell phone ban:

Oh, ok, it’s ok to do child *** and photo men and boys to keep possible 300 members happy out of a possible 5000+ members.

Just go outside of the locker room to use your phone. People are not going to quit in masses over this if they are made aware of the risks to others.

Use the locker room to get changed and showered, not to do executive business around naked men and boys. Get Real, and be sensible.

A lot of men do not like to be naked with phones pointed at them or their nude children for concern of privacy rights violations. One member said if a picture is taken, and you are actually aware, it takes a court order to get the phone.

When I talk with members, they say they don’t like it, it’s *** with all the phone use, it’s not right, it’s not safe. I don’t want my child to be videod; you don’t know what people are doing with their phones. I spoke to a Las Vegas Judge who is also a member, and he said there's signs No cell phones, can't people wait 5 minutes. Another member said it's risky, they can wait 15 minutes, no one needs to be on their phones in the locker room.

Members can use their phones prior to entering the locker room or briefly leave the locker room to use their phones. There are 12 Slippery and Wet signs, there was only 1 No Cell Phone signs.


From: "Duane Wyland"

To: "Brian Frankwick"

Cc: "Michelle Mortensen" , "Julie Schuh" , "ryan.luecke@thefirstbbb.org"

Subject: requesting update. case id, 57282407

Date: Sun, Jul 27, 2014 9:30 AM

Dear Brian,

Just following up on the July 17th meeting, I have not seen any changes yet.

I went to the gym yesterday (Saturday) July 26, and there was an older man using smart phone facing me, holding out the phone towards me, while I'm in my underwear, and there were many children around being Saturday and pool use time as you can imagine.

Again, there's the sign no electronic devices at the coat check entering the locker room, and it's in the contract, and on the web about the no cell phones/electronic device policy, and he didn't even have the courtesy to even face the lockers, he was facing me.

I spoke to the onsite attendant named Griffin, asking him the policy on cell phones, AND he said yes you can use them in the locker room, he then asked his manager Lee yesterday July 26, learning no cell phone policy, at one point he initially pulled out his phone to check a text when we first started talking.

In the lounge in the locker room, and as you know the lockers cradle the lounge, there was even a Life Time food service employee in uniform on his phone texting (texting that we know of).

Just would like to follow up, when will the 2 new signs be posted, when will the email blast go out to members on the policy, and when will staff enforce policy.


On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 9:26 AM, Duane Wyland wrote:

I appreciate this.

I spoke with Brian Frankwick directly June 12, and he said he would take care of everything and enforce policy, and to confront the employee who was breaking the policy.

June 26, I left message after the 2 incidents back to back this day, I'm putting on underwear and a guy was 1 foot from me with a cell phone.

Brain Frankwick had Paul Grosskereutz (sales mgr.) call me June 27, Paul says "I understand you have a problem in the locker room" he gave no solution nor said what he would do to enforce the policy nor was sympathetic.

I again gave 3 solutions:

-Post signs near hot tub and sinks

-send out email reminder of no cell phone policy in spa and locker area

-have attendants tell members to put their cell phones away (even employee use their phone)

Paul G says we need corporate permission to post more signs and he cannot do this, he said emails will not be read. He didn't say he was going to have the attendants enforce the policy. He just wants me to call him each time I encounter someone on a cell phone. CRAZY.

The Life Time Policy of no cell phones IS on the internet.

I call Amy at Corporate in Minnesota and filed complaint. They said they will enforce the policy, policy exist for a reason, they will contact Summerlin Location.

I'm not the only one uncomfortable with all the cell phones being used in the locker room, and no one can say if video or pictures are being taken or not, there ARE web sites with locker room spy videos and pictures posted, and a friend from L.A. says everyone is afraid of ending up on the internet, and have towels wrapped around them or change in toilet stalls.

I just want them to enforce their policy.

Duane Wyland


THIS below, is the email from Life Time Fitness July 29 2014 after July 17 meeting at Life Time Fitness in Summerlin, Las Vegas NV. Their legal dept. mistakenly said Arizona, it should be Nevada:


Mr. Wyland,

Your issues regarding the alleged “cell phone policy infractions” in the Arizona clubs have been brought to our attention. Please be assured that Mr. Frankwick and the Arizona clubs are working diligently with the Member Relations team of the corporate offices to ensure that the resolutions stated below, and agreed upon by both you and Mr. Frankwick, are being implemented. Your patience is appreciated during the implementation of these resolutions. Thank you.

1) Add 2 additional signs in each locker room stating the policy…one on the wall behind the sink bays and another in the towel dry-off area outside showers/spa/steam room.

2) Electronic communication to all members restating the cell phone policy and expectations.

3) Staff enforcement

a. Re-introduce the cell phone policy during all club meetings.

b. Re-publish the cell phone policy and have every AZ team member sign an acknowledge to confirm they all know and understand the expectations.

c. Take corrective measures with team members in violation of the policy moving forward.


Legal Department

Life Time – The Healthy Way of Life CompanySM

Life Time Fitness, Inc.

2902 Corporate Place

Chanhassen, MN 55317Main 952.947.0000

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Their Policy in my contract, on the web, and on their 1 sign: No cell phone in locker room. Enforce Policy. I complained 7/2014, they removed their policy 9/2014. I've been a member since 12/2011. Phone pointed at me and children in locker room..

Lifetime Fitness Cons: Cellphone policy not enforced, Cell phone use by employees, Cell phone use by members, Cellphones used in front of child.

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LOL, there is really no way you can "enforce" anything like this.

For all you know someone could be going through their phone looking for a better song.

I think you'd be surprised on how people don't really give a *** about you.


I walked into a self-ie picture taking at 3:30pm Oct 8, 2014, I was wet (now with underwear on), but was not in the picture, 5 minutes later I brought the locker room attendant that I talk to a lot, Xerxes Aryan Sarfaraz, to that member who had taken the picture. I wasn't in the picture, but what if it was a small child and was in the picture?

Another man would probably been unaware and it's 3:30pm. The member confessed to snapping the picture. I'm seeing self-ie taken at this LTF locker room in Vegas on dating and pick up sites, so pictures are being taken, And they say no one is taking pictures.

This all happened because they allow cell phone use, not looked out of place with him holding up his cell phone, it would be less risky for privacy rights violation if they enforce their NO Cell Phone Policy, safer for all members of all ages. I told Life Time Fitness all this in July 2014.